[Interview] Rookie Girl Group Bling Bling Shares More About Their ‘Oh MAMA’ Comeback

Michelle Ho

| June 1, 2021

Home to renowned vocalists in South Korea such as Ben and 4MEN, Major9 debuted their first girl group — Bling Bling — last November after 4 years of preparation.

Consisting of Korean members Ju Hyun, Yubin, Jieun and Narin, as well as Japanese members Marin and Ayamy, the six-membered girl group debuted with the digital single ‘G.G.B’ and received positive response from both domestic and international fans.


On May 20, Bling Bling officially made their comeback with their first mini album ‘Contrast’, showing the versatility of the members to pull off both cool and feminine concepts.

The mini album consists of their title track ‘Oh MAMA’, side track ‘Milkshake’, as well as their two previous releases ‘G.G.B’ and ‘LA LA LA’. The title track is described as a “lively electronic pop song that is completed with a combination of an addictive hook and a matching urban beat”. In an exclusive interview with HallyuSG, the girls share more about their comeback with us.


Q: It’s only been a few months since Bling Bling debuted but the group has already received positive response from international fans. How do the members feel?
A: It’s amazing that our international fans know and support us! It always cheers us up as we read their supportive messages. We really want to see them and greet them in person someday.

Q: Tell us more about the concept behind this comeback.
A: Our first mini album is an album where you can see Bling Bling’s cool and chic appearance, as well as our lovely charms. You can see the contrasting charms of Bling Bling, so please listen to our songs a lot!

Q: Are there any interesting incidents that happened while preparing for the comeback?
A: There’s a part where we used a skirt as part of our choreography for the title song. When we practiced at first, we didn’t get used to it. We stepped on the skirt, fell down and got tangled up. It was quite a funny episode to remember. We’re used to it now so we don’t make this mistake, but thinking back it was quite funny.

Q: What are the details fans should look out for in this comeback?
A: If you look at the choreography for the title song, there are some dance movements where we used skirts and hand gestures. This is the highlight part. The dance using hand gestures is a kind of brain exercise, so I hope everyone will be able to follow along. Please watch our performance!


Q: What are your first impressions of one another?
A: We are all very different, but we don’t think there was any member who didn’t make a good first impression. All of us felt like we wanted to do this together, so we’re really happy that we’re able to debut together.

Q: Share with us the compliment that you’d like to say to any member during the preparation of this album.
A: As we tried a lot of new things, we recorded songs that felt like we were singing for the first time, and the choreography was very difficult. But the members led each other well and helped each other along the way, that was how we managed to release the album together. So we are very thankful to one another for helping and leading each other.

Q: Is there any idol group(s) that you look up to as role models?
A: Our seniors, BLACKPINK! They have a unique personality and we aspire to be like them on stage.

Q: Lastly, please give a shout-out to your Singapore fans.
A: Bling Bling is back with our first mini album! We hope you’ll listen to our title song a lot. We are surprised and happy that there are fans who support us in Singapore. We really want to visit Singapore and meet you guys someday. We’ll be working hard until the day we can meet. Thank you!

Special thanks to the Global PR & Marketing team at MJ TONZ Entertainment for facilitating this interview!

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