It’s Time To Own The Extraordinary With ASTRO And Atome

Michelle Ho

| October 21, 2021

K-pop boy group ASTRO is now the global ambassador of Atome – Asia’s leading BNPL (buy now, pay later) brand. Pronounced as ‘a-toe-me’, Atome stands for ‘available to me’, offering choice, convenience and flexibility in how consumers choose to shop and pay. Here in Singapore, Atome partners with over 2,000 online and offline retailers across key shopping categories such as beauty, fashion, travel, homeware and lifestyle.

Following ASTRO’s rising success as a group, Atome has appointed them as its global brand ambassador. The six-member boy group (consisting of MJ, Jinjin, Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha) has had many notable achievements both as a group and individually as members. More recently, the group clinched their first public broadcast win on Music Bank with ‘After Midnight’ – the title track of their eighth mini album.


As Atome’s global brand ambassador, ASTRO will headline Atome’s upcoming holiday shopping campaign — #OwnTheExtraordinary. Starting from now and lasting until the end of year, the regional 360-degree campaign boasts a series of online and offline interactive challenges, activities and promotions over the four-month period.

“We’re thrilled for ASTRO to be Atome’s new global brand ambassador. Atome is a brand that empowers young consumers to pursue their aspirations and passions. ASTRO is a group that wants to seek to inspire, connect and grow with their fans through music, and fits well with their direction. We hope this collaboration will bring positivity and inspiration to our millions of fans across Asia,” said Fantagio, agency of ASTRO.

(Photo: Twitter @fantagiomusic_)

On 13 September, we attended a media session with ASTRO, where the boys shared what they’ve been up to, how they feel about being the global ambassadors of Atome, as well as some of their fashion tips and shopping habits.

Describing their partnership with Atome in one word, Jinjin playfully answered ‘AAA’ – which stands for ‘ASTRO, Atome, Amazing’. Fellow member Rocky described it as “Astrome” – combining ASTRO and Atome together. On behalf of the group, leader Jinjin expressed that ASTRO is very honoured and thankful to be the global ambassadors of Atome and he hopes the group will be able to meet their fans more often after the pandemic.

(Photo: Twitter @fantagiomusic_)

On their shopping habits, Jinjin mentioned that he used to shop offline or window-shop before the pandemic but he now does online shopping instead. Rocky resonated with this, adding that he does a lot more online shopping now compared to pre-pandemic times and feels that online shopping platforms have really grown.

On the topic of fashion advice, Rocky also shared that as one’s fashion is an expression of oneself, it may vary depending on the day or the mood; but the most important thing is to find something that suits you.


With the launch of the #OwnTheExtraordinary campaign, here’s what you can look forward to in the coming weeks. The campaign will kick off with a series of online teaser activities in Singapore, followed by the Extraordinary Experiences challenge on Atome Singapore’s IG account, flash vouchers and Spin and Win, with exclusive ASTRO merchandise to be won. Looks like we’ll be seeing ASTRO often when we shop online!

Atome is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Special thanks to Atome and SPRG Communications for the invitation to the virtual media session with ASTRO.


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