When Gong Yoo Made Us Laugh: The Silent Sea BTS to His Instagram

Gwen Ng

| January 11, 2022
(Photo: Netflix)

If you’ve caught the sci-fi K-drama The Silent Sea, you’d have seen Gong Yoo as the no-nonsense astronaut giving it his all to complete his mission and save a very thirsty planet. The Silent Sea marks Gong Yoo’s official return to the small screens, after we saw him in the movie Seobok last year

Out of character, Gong Yoo takes his sense of humour seriously. He never misses an opportunity to make his co-stars laugh on set, or make fun of himself on his newly opened Instagram account.

Here are 3 times when Oppa made us laugh.

1. Welcome To Gong Yoo’s Spa


While Captain Han was sourcing for the precious lunar water, he found time to give his co-stars a facial on set. The ad hoc therapist deftly massaged his co-star’s face, offering them the choice between the basic 200,000 won facial treatment to the 300,000 won special facial. Where can we sign up for a lifetime package of facials with Gong Yoo?

2. Groundless Gong-terview


Uploaded onto Soop Management’s Youtube Channel, Gong Yoo was filmed on his “business trip to the moon”. Actually, he was doing a photoshoot for ‘The Silent Sea’. Be entertained by Gong Yoo’s humorous quips, look out for the moment when he stuck a microphone up his nose.

Decked in his full-body spacesuit, he let in that the biggest challenge was having to remove an entire suit to go to the loo — as soon as you are back for the toilet and zipped up, you feel like you have to go again. Who can identify with that need to pee when wearing a jumpsuit?

He believes in aliens. With a straight face, he said: “It’s because I am the alien. It’s top secret, don’t tell anyone.

During the Balance Game, he chose to “last 1 minute with no oxygen on the moon” and the staff challenged him to do it on earth. He gamely did the mission,  sticking the microphone up his nose to prove that he held his breath for 60 seconds. Watch to see if he succeeded!

3. Alpaca Gong Yoo

When Gong Yoo opened his Instagram after 20 years since his debut, it was like Christmas came early on December 1. Fans could finally get a glimpse of the low-key actor’s life. The feed was an eclectic mix of ‘The Silent Sea” promotional photos, a squid (likely a reference to Gong Yoo’s appearance in Squid Game) and a basketball ball match.

One post stood out — a brown, furry alpaca. Swipe right and it’s a photo of Gong Yoo in a pullover of the same shade of brown. See the resemblance? Even if you don’t, let’s appreciate oppa’s sense of humour.


Photos:  Instagram


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