Yoon Kye Sang and Seo Ji Hye’s New Drama, ‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ To Air Exclusively on Disney+


| May 16, 2022

Kiss Sixth Sense is a new drama that’s set to premiere exclusively on Disney+, starring Seo Ji Hye, Yoon Kye Sang and Kim Ji Suk.

Based on the hugely successful web novel of the same name, Kiss Sixth Sense centers around Hong Yesul (Seo Ji Hye), an overly motivated account executive at one of Seoul’s top advertising firms who throws herself into her work as a means of escaping the curse of seeing her lovers’ futures with each kiss.

Determined to be a success, Yesul becomes the mentee of Cha Minhoo (Yoon Kye Sang), the winner of the country’s top advertising award and a man with a secret of his own. Over their five years working together, Yesul is molded into a success and yet nothing she does seems to be good enough for the perfect Minhoo.

Frustrated and made to feel stupid at every turn, Yesul finds herself having nightmares about disappointing her boss, and yet when a workplace accident triggers her ability to see Minhoo’s future, she sees the pair of them in a passionate embrace at Minhoo’s apartment. Confused and disturbed by what she has seen, Yesul is forced to lead her team of quirky creatives to an impending deadline while trying to get the impossible scenario out of her head.

Written by Gatnyeo, the original author of the popular web novel, Kiss Sixth Sense is directed by Nam Kihoon (Oh My Baby, Tunnel) and also stars Kim Ji Suk as Yesul’s ex-boyfriend, and Lee Jooyeon as Minhoo’s want-to-be love interest.

Find out what happens in the upcoming side-splitting workplace romantic comedy when it launches as a Star Original exclusively on Disney+, May 25.

(Source & Photos: Disney+)


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