Hwang In-yeop: 7 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Bad Sweet Boy In K-Dramas

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| July 13, 2022
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Hwang In-yeop may be one of the challenging to-nail-down Korean stars we’ve become acquainted with recently, however, his subtlety is precisely the exact thing that makes his life and profession so fascinating!

The Korean sweetheart played Han Seo-jun in the renowned webtoon-based K-drama True Beauty (2020-2021) and has caught fans’ hearts around the world, catapulting the new actor to recently discovered fame. He did start his career later than most Korean entertainers, however, this really young-looking driving man is on a mission to demonstrate his ability that makes a star, not a timeline.

He is set to hold his absolute first Asia fan meeting in Singapore at Capitol Theatre on 30th July, just after Seoul. Tickets start from S$158 and are available for purchase via allaccess-asia.com.

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1. He’s a delayed sensation

Typically, Korean entertainers start their excursion very early on, around their late teens or mid-twenties, yet Hwang In-yeop isn’t one of them. At present, Hwang In-yeop’s age is 31 years, he started acting late and he began in his late twenties, many fans are stunned to learn about the actor’s age since he looks so youthful despite his age.

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2. Hwang In-yeop’s initial path to showbiz

Hwang In-yeop’s initial passage to the showbiz wasn’t through acting but rather modeling. He’s known for his extraordinary body extents and in 2018 strolled the runway for Royal Rare, CINNU HOMME and that’s just the beginning.

His unique dream was to be an entertainer, however, he took up modeling due to his affection for fashion. Later, he changed into acting and presently he’s made it this far.

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3. His acting career started with the drama “The Tale of Nokdu”

Hwang In-yeop, at last, stowed a little screen job in 2019 for the drama, The Tale of Nokdu. There he played Park Dan Ho, a fighter and professional killer who likewise goes about as the right-hand man of the show’s fundamental bad guy.

Photo Cr: KeyEast

4. He looks so hot on a bike

Hwang In-yeop needed to ride a bike for his role as Han Seo Jun in True Beauty. To get ready for the job, he got his motorcycle permit! His hard work does not go unnoticed and without a doubt added to his desirability. Swoons

Photo Cr: Lim Hyo Sun/Netflix

5. His melodious singing can captivate you

Is Hwang In-yeop a singer? People are perceiving that the actor can sing because he blessed fans with his mesmerizing voice in The Sound of Magic, True Beauty and 18 Again, and it’s been a great gift for us!

Photo Cr: VOGUE

6. He’s introverted and calm

In a meeting with VOGUE, he confessed to being extremely introverted. It took him a great deal to escape his usual range of familiarity, he said. He likewise communicated in a few interviews that he’s very apprehensive and needed to move past the underlying nerves of being interviewed. It’s the cutest thing of all time!

“As I modeled, I gained confidence, and I chased my dream of becoming an actor.”

Photo Cr: Lim Hyo Sun/Netflix

7. He believed in Santa Claus until sixth grade

In the lively interview with the cast of the recent drama The Sound of Magic, the entertainers were asked about one thing they believed in when they were young but not any longer. Hwang In-yeop said that when he asked his mother for a gift during Christmas, she dryly told him, “Aren’t you old enough to know by now?” What a sad story!

Photo Cr: Viu

Lately, Hwang In-yeop is having a breakout role with the developing fame of Why Her. He is presently making to the Top 10 weekly most buzz-worthy show actors, and is outperforming much more popular names in the showbiz industry in 2022. We’re so proud of him!

Hwang In-yeop’s instagram is @hi_high_hiy. You’re welcome!

Be sure not to miss out on Hwang In-yeop’s upcoming Fan Meeting in Singapore:

Hwang In Youp To Hold 1st Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore on 30 July


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