Singaporean Artiste and CEO David Yong Signs with RBW, Aims to Bridge K-Pop and Southeast Asia


| August 28, 2022

David Yong, the CEO of Singaporean business portfolio organisation Evergreen Group Holdings is set to launch his artiste career in South Korea. The 35-year-old CEO has previously worked as a lawyer after obtaining his law degree from University of Bristol, and later took over his family’s multi-generational timber business and expanded the company’s presence in Southeast Asia with continuous investments in a diverse range of businesses.

Recently, David Yong has signed an artiste deal with Rainbowbridge World (RBW) to launch his influencer CEO career in the company’s homeland, South Korea. He is the first Singaporean CEO to venture into a partnership of this scale with K-Pop entertainment companies.

RBW, home to K-Pop groups like Mamamoo, ONEUS, PURPLE KISS, and more, has said in their official statement that they will plan and produce Yong’s future musical activities.

“Based on our experience in planning and producing artistes using our incubation system,” RBW has stated in their press release on 24th August, “We will support David Yong to appear in various content as an influencer CEO by applying the same process as the artiste system.”

Yong’s Evergreen Group Holdings aims to distribute music content from RBW, DSP Media, and WM Entertainment to the global market with the singing of this contract. This includes creating various K-Pop contents such as co-production of global artistes, production of overseas artistes, and K-Pop training programs.

David Yong has lately released a hip-hop single, “In My Pocket” featuring Korean rapper Kid Milli. The catchy song was featured in several TikTok dance challenges with K-Pop idols like Mamamoo and Momoland. He also sang a ballad for Jack Neo’s film Ah Girls Go Army, as well as collaborated with South Korean R&B trio 4MEN to release “My Way”, an OST for K-drama School 2021.

Follow David Yong‘s journey on TikTok:

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