A Night of Revelry and Revelations with LISA on “Regal Planet”


| November 30, 2022

BLACKPINK’s LISA charmed audiences at a virtual party on “Regal Planet”, a glittery metaverse created by the world’s leading blended Scotch Whisky, Chivas. It was a night of revelry and revelations as the brand’s Asia ambassador LISA, who crafted a cocktail, interacted with audiences and shared her story of rising through life’s challenges.

The avant-garde event was held on 27 November to celebrate Chivas and LISA’s new collaboration, the Chivas 18 x LISA Limited Edition. The global superstar unveiled the bold and beautiful bottle, which she co-designed with Chivas. As a larger-than-life version of the Chivas 18 appeared, LISA said: “The Chivas 18 limited edition combines classic elegance with modern design. My favourite part is the new monogram, my neon signature and my ‘star’ drawing on the bottle.”

Reminiscent of the exquisite whisky, “Regal Planet” was painted in shimmery gold and amber hues. Visitors could explore and interact in the different rooms of this virtual world. A highlight of the sprawling venue was the “Hustle Area”, where 3D Chivas bottles featuring cocktail recipes were on display. Party-goers also learnt how to craft LISA’s special Chivas cocktail, Pink Spice.

The singer-dancer turned mixologist for a night concocted her signature Pink Spice cocktail. The delightful Whisky Highball cocktail blends Chivas 18 with notes of tea, citrus and spice. LISA liberally added dashes of tabasco to the drink, as she exclaimed: “I like spicy.” Out of the 85 rich-tasting notes within Chivas 18, LISA revealed that her favourite notes are dark chocolate, toffee and vanilla.

Surrounded by avatars of BLINKS from around the world, LISA took time to share updates about her music career. She said: “After our second album “Born Pink”, we are quite busy with our world tour.”

The wildly popular BLACKPINK is in the midst of its “Born Pink” world tour, performing in Asia, North America and Europe. The tour comes hot on the heels of the girl group’s second studio album, “Born Pink”, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.

To the audience, LISA is a confident and consummate performer. However, LISA candidly admits that she gets nervous at times before stepping onto the stage. On how she encourages herself when nerves hit, she said: “I won’t be able to keep it to myself. That wouldn’t make it any better. As I keep up my passion, I will also share support from my members, making sure that we’re all doing great. This is really important to us.”

Amid the resounding applause after every performance, LISA pauses to reflect on how the magic happened onstage. She said: “I think every successful stage comes from the hard work we put in, so every time I perform, it’s like I’m sharing the joy with everyone.”

Feted by millions for her talent and style, LISA believes that success is borne out of a team effort. Channelling the empowering spirit of the “I Rise, We Rise” campaign by Chivas, she said: “No one is successful alone. With like-minded people, we face challenges together and that is how we get ready for our unknown future.”

The night ended with a resplendent display of virtual fireworks as LISA bade her fans goodbye. She said: “It’s been an amazing time with you all on Regal Planet. But I guess it’s time to say goodbye. Let’s continue our “I Rise, We Rise” legacy.”

Preorders for Chivas 18 x LISA Limited Edition are now available at bit.ly/Chivas18xLISA for collection at FairPrice Centrepoint on 10th December. LILIES who can’t wait to get their hands on this drop can head down to FairPrice Centrepoint from 3rd December onwards to purchase it on the spot! For more information, please visit Chivas.com.


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