Netflix debuts original physical reality programme Physical 100

One hundred contestants battle it out in Physical 100 to bag 300 million won in cash.

Avier Tan

| January 25, 2023
Physical 100
Dancer Cha Seung-hyun is one of the 100 participants in Netflix’s Physical 100. Photo: Netflix

It’s tested and proven that sports entertainment reality television series are well-received, as seen from America’s American Ninja Warrior (2009) and Japan’s Sasuke (1997).

Netflix caught on to the opportunity to expand its content offerings, debuting an original reality programme Physical 100. The aim of the programme is to gather the top 100 fittest beings in South Korea, in search for the strongest body.


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100 participants come together and battle it all out for the cash prize of 300 million won, which will eventually end up in the hands of one sole winner.

A hint of Greek warriors’ influence

The concept of Physical 100 is heavily inspired by Greek warriors and its surrounding elements: like porcelain-made busts and iconic marble fountains.

Show producers have also designed an interesting yet brutal spin to the show.

When a contestant loses, he or she has to personally wreck his or her own bust, signifying that their bodies are weaker than their counterparts.

Physical competition, but mental strength triumphs

While Physical 100 is much focused on determining which contestant has the most developed muscles, their willpower might be the key to victory.

Physical 100
Photo: Netflix

Its first episodes have shown viewers that the contestants’ mental strength is equally, if not more, important through a series of quests.

Who to watch in Physical 100

All contestants boast chiselled bodies and well-defined physiques. But here are seven contestants to catch in the series:

  • Chu Sung-hoon: Renowned entertainment personality, UFC and One Championship fighter
  • Cha Seung-hyun: Single’s Inferno star, dancer (Sunmi’s backup dancer), model
  • Jeon-yong: Contortionist, choreography director for Sweet Home, Hellbound
  • Elaine Wong: Singaporean actress, fitness fanatic
  • Yang Hak-seon: Olympic champion, artistic gymnast
  • Shim Eu-ddeum: Fitness content creator on YouTube
  • Bbulkup (Park Ju-chang): F&B business owner

The first two episodes premiered on the streaming platform on 24 Jan. Two episodes will progressively be released weekly. Watch it here.


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