McDonald’s Korea name NewJeans as newest brand ambassador

This is McDonald’s Korea’s newest collaboration with K-pop idols, following the BTS Meal in 2021.

Avier Tan

| February 27, 2023
NewJeans in a promotional still for their first single album, OMG (2023). Photo: ADOR

McDonald’s Korea has named K-pop girl group NewJeans as their newest brand ambassador.

The fast food chain recently shared a teaser image with “attention” written in yellow font on a contrasting red background on their official Instagram handle three days ago.

Fans would know that the post was a nod to the quintet’s track from their titular debut EP – Attention (2022).

Characterised by addictive tracks on the musical front with a Y2K aesthetic, NewJeans are a formidable rookie group.

They were officially announced as brand ambassadors for McDonald’s Korea today, through an Instagram post.

Another promotional video posted also teases another new menu item. Its concept is for fans to go on an adventure with NewJeans to find the new menu item, a “crispy” burger.

It will soon be available in South Korea outlets come 2 March. Whether this promotional campaign will expand overseas remains unknown.

Despite only having debuted for less than a year, NewJeans are quite the up-and-coming rising stars.

The group bagged rookie awards at The-K Billboard Awards, Seoul Music Awards and Hanteo Music Awards.

Some other brands, including telcos, luxury fashion houses and banks have tapped on the group as brand ambassadors.

McDonald’s Korea previously worked with K-pop supergroup BTS for a special meal named the BTS Meal, which proved to be a wild success.


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