Review: Blackpink’s Jisoo boasts her vocal prowess in first solo album Me

She is the last member of South Korean girl group Blackpink to make her solo debut.

Avier Tan

| March 31, 2023

Blackpink’s  Jisoo is finally letting the world meet her solo project. She dropped her first ever solo album today (31 Mar).

And that must have came with a good amount of pressure.

Afterall, her bandmates Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have made successful debuts previously with tracks that fit them to a T.

For the 28 year-old vocalist, her first solo album is titled “Me”. Fair enough, since it’s her first solo drop, the album should be all about her anyways.

And it seems like Blackpink members prefer simplicity when it comes to their solo ventures. Case in point: rapper Lisa’s first single was named after herself, Lalisa (2021), and Jennie’s solo track was titled Solo (2018).

Her first solo album contains a total of two tracks – namely Flower and All Eyes on Me. The former served as the title number.

Unlike most of Blackpink’s tracks, Flower is lighter on its backing instruments. And it is mainly fuelled by periodic finger snaps. 

This might perhaps be a deliberate move to put more focus on Jisoo’s vocals while she sings about her heartbreak, where there is “nothing left but a scent of a flower”.

“Crimsonly burned down you and I / I’m okay, would you be as well,” she sings. Jisoo is successful in bringing out the despair the track requires, unlike her usual cheery self we mostly see.

Unfortunately, Flower isn’t particularly addictive per se, especially on the first listen.

But if its aim is to showcase Jisoo’s wide vocal range and the way she delivers the track to the audience, then it has well achieved its goal.

Her b-side, All Eyes on Me, is a little more flirtatious in nature. After all, if she’s making her long-awaited debut, all eyes should be on her.

“Make me feel alive / Don’t fill it up with meaningless words / Focus on me now / So that I can know your mysterious heart,” she sings.

Something surprising to note though – the chorus doesn’t pack much vocals. 

Instead, it is filled up with a dance break to offer a refreshing change since the vocalist has been casting spotlight on her vocals throughout the album.

In other news, Blackpink will be playing on our shores at the National Stadium from 13 May (Sat) to 14 May (Sun) for their Born Pink world tour.

Tune in to Jisoo’s first solo album here.


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