Hallyu Spotlight: 4 things to know about K-pop boy band Treasure

Tan Kwang Yu

| April 6, 2023
Treasure. Photo: YG Entertainment

Like Winner, the now-defunct Wanna One and IZ*ONE, Treasure is a K-pop group born from idol reality programmes. They were formed in 2019 from their entertainment label’s very own reality programme – YG Treasure Box.

They started out as a 12-membered band. In late 2022, members Mashiho and Bang Ye-dam officially left the group. Mashiho wanted to “have enough time to recover from his health condition” while Bang decided to “pursue his career as a producer” instead.

The band is now ten-man strong – consisting of members Choi Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Yoon Jaehyuk, Asahi, Haruto, Doyoung, Park Jeongwoo and So Junghwan.

South Korean boy band Treasure. Photo: YG Entertainment

Ahead of their first-ever show in Singapore this Saturday (8 Apr), here are 4 things to know about them.

1. Treasure is the biggest group from YG Entertainment. Literally.

Traditionally, most groups under entertainment powerhouse YG Entertainment have a notably lesser number of members. Case in point – Blackpink (4 members), AKMU (2 members) and Winner (4 members) among many others.

Blackpink. Photo: YG Entertainment

Treasure is probably the only exception. Officially, it had 13 members initially, before ex-member Ha Yoobin’s departure pre-debut in December 2019. Mashiho and Bang Ye-dam then left last November.

Even then, they still remain as the label’s biggest group till date.

2. They’re the ones behind the viral TikTok hit

One of the most iconic tunes on TikTok last year is Darari (2022). And It’s the b-side number of the group’s first mini album, The Second Step: Chapter One.

It was an unexpected viral hit for the group, after a TikTok user uploaded a simple dance video with a sped-up version of the track.

With a 100 million stream count on Spotify just three months after its release and countless dance covers over the social media platform, the rest was history.

It eventually got a dedicated music video for it as they served up a remix performance for it.

3. Treasure starred in their own mystery-thriller web drama

The Treasure members were part of the cast for an eight-episode web series titled The Mysterious Class. It aired on their official YouTube channel and it garnered more than eight million views since its premiere in November 2021.

The story centres around a group of students in an all-boy school as they try to solve the mystery of their class’ resident ghost. This marked their second drama project after their earlier debut in another mini series – It’s Okay, It’s Friendship. It definitely left fans swooning for more.

4. Each Treasure member have their own LINE Friends character

In collaboration with Line Friends, the boy band also released their own collection of dolls, Truz, or True Friends. They are a group of characters that were created by each member of the team, which resembled themselves.

The response was so overwhelming. They sold out within a minute after it was first released.

Treasure will be playing in Singapore for a one-night-only show this coming weekend on 8 Apr. Tickets to the show are selling fast, and you can get yours via Ticketmaster.


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