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Show Review: Treasure prove that they’re born performers in first Singapore show

Avier Tan

| April 9, 2023
HallyuSG - Treasure
Treasure performing at their Hello tour in Singapore. Photo: YG Entertainment

2023 Treasure Tour [Hello] in Singapore
Singapore Indoor Stadium
8 April 2023

K-pop boy band Treasure is here in town for their first show here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It is part of their first tour out of South Korea, titled after the title number of their second EP, Hello (2022).

I have been a regular patron of K-pop shows, so my ears are fairly tuned to the volume level of such concerts. But at Treasure’s first show, I found myself unconsciously covering my ears as speakers blasted their top hits in quick succession.

But their music felt vividly resonant. I owe it to the four-man live band that toured alongside Treasure, playing live music throughout the nearly three-hour show.

From flirting with fans in our local slang to promoting labelmate Jisoo’s latest release, here are three highlights from their Singapore show.

1. Extravagant and flashy stage production

Treasure hails from YG Entertainment, an entertainment label known for their over the top and extravagant stage sets. Things like an extended stage, stage lifts and laser beams are not unexpected ingredients in their recipe to produce a show.

HallyuSG - Treasure
Confetti sprays, pyrotechnics and blazing inferno were seen at Treasure’s Singapore show. Photo: YG Entertainment

They kicked off the set with a series of their top hits like Jikjin (2022), Boy (2021), I Love You (2021) and Going Crazy (2021). Accompanying these headbang-inducing tracks are pyrotechnics, confetti sprays and blazing inferno gushing out of flame machines.

Halfway through the show when they performed Orange (2021), all ten members were lifted by a mega scissors lift. Members sure got a clearer view of fans seated at the second level of the stadium.

2. Intense choreographies and non-stop dancing

Throughout the almost three-hour concert, it seemed like the boys put in a good workout concurrently. Except for some of their softer numbers like Darari (2022), It’s Okay (2022) and Slowmotion (2021).

Fortunately, some members managed to get a quick break during certain segments – where different subunits of the band performed. Asahi and Haruto paired up for Thank You (2022) while Hyunsuk, Yoshi and Haruto teamed up for VolKno (2022).

But we all know how unforgiving the sweltering heat in Singapore can be.

So it’s almost impossible not to sweat buckets after performing their dance routine.

HallyuSG - Treasure
Treasure performing at their Hello tour in Singapore. Photo: YG Entertainment

Members were also seen holding small handheld fans when addressing the 6000-strong crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

3. Treasure are born performers, and flirters

Born out of the reality programme YG Treasure Box (2018), each of the Treasure members have been deliberately and cautiously picked.

HallyuSG - Treasure
Treasure performing at their Hello tour in Singapore. Photo: YG Entertainment

Despite their young age, there’s no doubt that they’re a suitable fit for the stage. For those uninitiated, the oldest member in Treasure, Hyunsuk, is 23 years’ old. While their youngest member, Junghwan, is only 18 this year.

Despite their innate flair for performance, members are still worried that they are unable to put up a good show. “As the dates [to the show] came near, we were worried,” said vocalist Junghwan.

HallyuSG - Treasure
Treasure performing at their Hello tour in Singapore. Photo: YG Entertainment

This is “something on [their] bucket list,” said vocalist Jaehyuk. “Being on stage and running around” with freedom and ease ranked first, he added. 

Some time into the show, they began flirting with their fans – with a local twist. “I’m going to dabao (takeaway) you home tonight,” said vocalist Junkyu. 

If I had to choose a member for the best pick-up line, I’ll give it to Junghwan. “My darling, BTO ai mai, (Do you want to get a BTO?)” he said.

For those unfamiliar with local lingo: asking this question usually signifies a significant milestone in the relationship. It is a common proposal method locally, as couples apply for a built-to-order (BTO) apartment after getting married. 

A wave of deafening screams filled the stadium. I couldn’t quite make out what I heard, but I took it as a yes.


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