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Show Review: K-pop veterans Rain and PSY performed throwback hits from 2010s at Marquee

Avier Tan

| April 10, 2023
HallyuSG - Rain & Psy
K-pop veteran Rain performing at the DJ booth. Photo: Marquee Singapore

Marquee 4th Anniversary Weekender: Rain and PSY
Marquee Singapore
8 April 2023

It’s a Saturday night at Marquee Singapore – the island’s largest nightclub. And clubbers are zealously grooving along to the high-octane mix concocted by the DJs as they wait for K-pop veterans Rain and PSY.

They are in for a special treat. The duo was in town to celebrate the nightclub’s fourth anniversary, which spanned three days.

HallyuSG - Rain & PSY
Marquee Singapore celebrated its 4th anniversary with coral-themed party. Photo: Marquee Singapore

HallyuSG also understands that both Rain and PSY held a closed-door performance earlier in the evening – at the Grand Ballroom of the Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Show tickets were not made publicly available.

The duo were slated to perform 30 minutes after midnight, according to a note to the press. But we were first greeted by Musius Korea, a private VVIP performance group.

HallyuSG - Rain & PSY
Musius Korea. Photo: Marquee Singapore

Warming up the crowd, they performed some of the trending K-pop hits, like Blackpink’s Shut Down (2022). It’s a timely practice before the quartet’s show next month.

Rain boasts chiselled abs and well-defined biceps

A wave of cheers started to overlap with the roaring music. I caught a glimpse of Rain behind the DJ booth. And so did other fans. He took centre stage for two tracks – 30 Sexy (2014) and Domestic (2022).

Rain is as suave as ever, no doubt. The seasoned soloist hits 40 this year. But when he gave us a sneaky peak of his chiselled abs halfway through his set, it made us think otherwise.

HallyuSG - Rain & PSY
At 40, Rain has still got chiselled biceps and a sculpted body. Photo: Marquee Singapore

He also took off his cropped jacket for his second song, revealing his well-defined biceps.

Perhaps, we’re not the only ones who took notice of his age-defying body. PSY did too.

Party like no tomorrow with PSY

“I’m not like other K-pop artists, I don’t have muscles. And I’m not skinny”, he said in fluent English.

But none of that really matters – as he is charismatic, captivating and hilarious – all at one go. 

At 45 years’ old, PSY is one vehement party animal who bounces off the energy that the crowd gives. He said: “If you stand still, I’ll do the same. And if you get drunk, I will be too”.

HallyuSG - Rain & PSY
The original and classic oppa, PSY, dances to Gangnam Style. Photo: Marquee Singapore

“Put your phones away, and enjoy the performance,” he urged.

Born Park Jae-sang, PSY became a global phenomenon with Gangnam Style (2012) and introduced K-pop to the world. He performed the addictive earworm along with Daddy (2015), a track he collaborated with CL.


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