Blackpink’s Jennie explores balletcore aesthetic in her solo stage outfits

Michelle Ho

| April 13, 2023
HallyuSG - Jennie
Blackpink’s Jennie performing at the band’s Born Pink World Tour. Photo: YG Entertainment

The balletcore fashion trend has been making its rounds around social media and fashion magazines in recent months

As its name suggests, the balletcore style is inspired by costumes and rehearsal attire of ballet dancers. 

Overall, it looks lavishly feminine and elegant. But it’s sometimes pared down to make it suitable for everyday wear.

Blackpink’s Born Pink world tour kicked off in Seoul last October, and in the middle of the show, each member has their own individual segments to perform some solo tracks.

As Jennie takes centre stage for an unreleased song You & Me, she dons a range of balletcore outfits. 

Taking a page from her looks, here are some key elements to the ballet core trend that you should know.

1. Wrap skirts


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Reminiscent of tutu skirts, the wrap skirts worn by Jennie are slightly flared. In comparison, other balletcore wrap skirts have a more flowy silhouette.

2. Leg warmers


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The leg warmers vary in colour matching the outfit worn for the stage. 

They can go all the way up to the knees. More often than not, they are usually adjusted to rest slightly below the knees. This helps to offer an illusion of the singer having longer legs.

3. Mary Janes


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The type of shoes worn also play an essential part to the entire balletcore look. 

This style typically includes closed-toed shoes. So Jennie wore ballet flats, or Mary Janes, here, pairing it with matching leg warmers.

4. Using ribbon as hair accessories


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Jennie’s stage looks also incorporates ribbons as hair accessories.

Varying in length, they are like the cherry on top to complete the look. The singer’s hair can also kept in place alongside some hair ties.

Blackpink will also be holding a two-day concert in Singapore next month, as they bring their Born Pink World Tour to our shores. Fans can keep their eyes peeled for her balletcore outfits during her solo segment.


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