LOONA’s Choerry, HeeJin, JinSoul and Kim Lip to re-debut in new girl group ARTMS

Gwen Koh

| April 23, 2023
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Choerry, HeeJin, JinSoul and Kim Lip in a group photo for ARTMS. Photo: Modhaus

LOONA members previously filed lawsuits to suspend their exclusive contracts citing years of mistreatment by entertainment label Blockberry Creative.

Media reports reveal that members did not receive any pay for years after their debut in 2016. This is despite having numerous successful comebacks and activities.

In short, they signed a predatory contract with the label.

But here’s a piece of good news for their fans: the journey for the ladies may not be over after all.

All LOONA members filed for an injunction on their exclusive contract. Only four of them – Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry won their cases.

The rest of the members did not.

New Beginnings with ARTMS

And the four of them are about to form a new girl group, named ARTMS. This news comes after they signed with a new agency Modhaus. 

The four members stun in their newly released profile photos and teaser video. Together, they don a much more mature look as opposed to what they previously portrayed, clad in black.

Before the release of these individual shots, the group’s social media accounts published a sneak peek into the group’s concept.

“ARTMS is not [the] name of a new group. It’s a story about the amazing strategies and plans of the girls to get to the moon,” they wrote in an Instagram post.

This hints at a possible reunion of all LOONA members and a continuation to an integral part of the group’s lore – the LOOΠΔVERSE. It is a fictional universe that exists on a möbius strip, and it is where the members are thought to live.

If you’re disoriented with what this fictional universe is, you’re not alone. Many, including fans, struggle to fathom the idea of it.


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Other members of LOONA

It is also unknown, at this point in time, whether former member Chuu, who was removed from the group last November, will join the four members too. 

Her former agency BlockBerry Creative previously fired her from the group for allegedly using  “violent language” and “misuse of power towards staff”.

As for the remaining LOONA members, it also remains unclear whether the rest of LOONA will pick up where they left off as a group and find new beginnings in ARTMS.

They are currently still in contract with agency BlockBerry Creative.


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