Hallyu Spotlight: Get to know the 9 members from Boys Planet’s ZEROBASEONE

Tan Shi Qin

| April 25, 2023


Mnet’s global boy group survival program, Boys Planet, concluded its broadcast run last Thursday (20 Apr).

Then, it named and revealed the final top nine participants and the title of the new boy band: ZEROBASEONE.

Boys Planet first aired in February, featuring a total of 98 contestants across the globe. 

This reality programme was a spin-off from its predecessor, Girls Planet 999. It gave birth to K-pop girl group, Kep1er. They are the ones behind tunes like Wa Da Da (2022) and Giddy (2023).

Similarly, Boys Planet will produce ZEROBASEONE, or ZB1 in short. Here are the nine members of the newly formed boy band.

1. Zhang Hao


Zhang Hao ranked first with 1,998,154 points and is a global trainee from Yuehua Entertainment. Notably, he won every single mission in Boys Planet thus far. 

He also made history as the first non-Korean trainee to become the final centre of any Mnet survival program. Slated to be the centre of the new group, he will get his very own solo track in their debut album.

2. Sung Han-bin


Sung Han-bin ranked second with 1,888,414 points. He is a Korean trainee from Studio GL1DE. While he consecutively topped rankings throughout previous episodes, he dropped a rank during the finale.

3. Seok Matthew

Canada-born Seok Matthew ranked third with 1,702,174 points and is a trainee from MNH Entertainment. 

His rankings fluctuated in previous episodes and he came in at a risky ninth place on the second last one. But his fans came together to secure his debut with a high ranking in the finale.

4. Ricky

Shanghai-born Ricky, from Yuehua Entertainment, ranked fourth with 1,572,089 points. Standing at 1.83m tall, it is no wonder this talented lad likes to engage in a game of basketball.

5. Park Gun-wook

Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Park Gun-wook ranked fifth with 1,368,039 points.

His rankings have been hovering near cut-off points but he fortunately made it. Park was  previously in another MBC audition program Extreme Debut: Wild Idol (2021) which he was eliminated from.

6. Kim Tae-rae

Kim Tae-rae ranked sixth with 1,349,595 points, and is a trainee from Wakeone. 

Boasting strong vocals and charms, he stayed in the top nine pretty consistently throughout the show.

7. Kim Gyu-vin

Kim Gyu-vin ranked seventh with 1,346,105 points. Like Zhang Hao, Ricky and Yu-jin, he is a Yuehua Entertainment trainee.

Since the first episode, he consistently secured sixth or seventh position in rankings. This shows the power of his loyal following.

8. Kim Ji-woong

Hailing from Nest Management, Kim Ji-woong ranked eighth with 1,338,984 points.

Born in 1998, he is the oldest member of the group. Previously, he had debuted in another boy group INX which disbanded in 2017 and had been working as an actor and model.

9. Han Yu-jin


Han Yu-jin, another Yuehua Entertainment trainee, ranked ninth with 1,196,622 points. 

Like Kim Ji-woong, he has also been a top favourite. Han is the youngest member of ZEROBASEONE at only 16 years’ old.


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