2023 Baeksang Predictions: Who will win and who could win at this year’s drama awards

Tan Kwang Yu

| April 26, 2023

HallyuSG - Baeksang

The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, which recognises some of the best in Korean film and television, is set to take place this Friday (28 Apr).

In last year’s awards ceremony, we saw OTT (over-the-top) streaming platform, Netflix sweeping the awards show with their originals.

This includes D.P. (2021) and global hit series Squid Game (2021) clinching wins across six major categories. Even the highly coveted daesang (grand prize).

We might see history repeating itself. The Glory (2022) earned nine nods at this year’s Baeksang – only second to Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022). The latter will be one of its main challengers across all the nominated categories.

Ahead of the highly anticipated event, HallyuSG takes a look at some of the hot favourites. As well as dark horses to watch out for at this year’s edition of Baeksang Arts Awards.

Disclaimer: The following list of predictions is purely based on our own take on who might win the awards. This does not alter or affect actual results.

1. Best Supporting Actor

Who will win: Kang Ki-young (Extraordinary Attorney Woo)
Who could win: Jo Woo-jin (Narco-Saints)

Park Eun-bin may have received most of the plaudits in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. But the ensemble cast played a huge role as well.

Kang’s portrayal of Jung Myung-seok, a senior attorney and mentor to Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), was a joy to watch with his innate comedic flair and fair share of emotional scenes.

It could be a tight race between him and Jo Woo-jin in this category. The true-story remake, Narco-Saints may have received mixed reviews. But Byeon Ki-tae (Jo Woo-jin) has been a scene-stealer.

2. Best Supporting Actress

Who will win: Lim Ji-yeon (The Glory)
Who could win: Lee El (My Liberation Notes)

Lim Ji-yeon’s depiction of the evil antagonist, Park Yeon-jin in The Glory definitely left an impression. It was a breakthrough role for the actress, as she dabbled into a villainous role for the very first time. 

However, if there’s anyone who could sneak a win, it could be Lee El. She played Yeom Ki-jeong – the eldest of the three siblings in My Liberation Notes, for her raw and honest display in the slice of life drama.

3. Best Actor

Who will win: Lee Sung-min (Reborn Rich)
Who could win: Choi Min-sik (Big Bet)

There isn’t much room for debate in this category for Lee Sung-min. He is almost a shoo-in as the main protagonist of Chairman Jin Yang-chul in Reborn Rich. Who could forget the iconic lift scene with co-star Song Joong-ki?

If there’s any chance of an upset, our bet would probably be on another veteran actor, Choi Min-sik. He played the role of Cha Mu-sik, a casino mogul in Big Bet.

4. Best Actress

Who will win: Song Hye-kyo (The Glory)
Who could win: Park Eun-bin (Extraordinary Attorney Woo)

There have been more obvious winners over the past awards with the likes of Kim Tae-ri (Twenty-Five, Twenty-One) and Kim So-yeon (The Penthouse). But this year’s category proved to be the toughest pick, yet.

We would honour both Park Eun-bin and Song Hye-kyo for their impeccable performance as the leading lady in their respective shows.

The latter probably takes the nod for us, as Moon Dong-eun was a breakthrough character for Song Hye-kyo. She managed to shrug off her familiar rom-com and damsel in distress portrayals over the years, for a completely different look as the revenge-seeking mastermind.

5. Best Drama

Who will win: Our Blues
Who could win: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

It does come as a surprise that Our Blues was snubbed across most of the acting categories. 

Afterall, the omnibus series did provide us with some of the most emotional and tear-jerking K-drama scenes in recent history. 

With a stellar cast and refreshing short  storylines, we think it deserves a shout for the drama of the year.

6. Daesang

Who will win: Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Who could win: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The Daesang (Grand Award) can be awarded to a program or individual, and in recent years it does seem to usually go to those with the most cultural impact in Korea and globally. 

With that said, Extraordinary Attorney Woo stands the highest chance of claiming the night’s biggest award – for its tactful portrayal and highlighting of people with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). That itself has struck a chord with viewers all over the world.

The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards will be broadcasted live on TikTok this Friday (28th Apr) from 4.30 PM (SGT).


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