Review: Unlike its title, Seventeen’s newest album FML is a beacon of hope for youths

K-pop boy band Seventeen recently dropped their 10th EP titled FML on 24 Apr. And it contains a total of six tracks.

Ashley Cheah

| April 26, 2023
HallyuSG - Seventeen
Seventeen. Photo: Pledis Entertainment

K-pop boy band Seventeen is back. They dropped their tenth EP, titled FML, on Monday (24 Apr).

At first glance, the album might come off as pessimistic, or even a gloomy one. But give a listen to the track and you’d find that it is in fact the complete opposite of that.

The thirteen-member band explored various difficulties and challenges that youths of today face in their title track. Member Woozi penned down lyrics for the track, titled F*ck My Life.

The band sings: “I’m the only one who became a fool in this f*cking world / Lost on the way, lost on the way / I’m the only fool / From now on, fight for my life”.

It’s a daring song title, especially in the largely conservative K-pop landscape.

Seventeen employed the use of singing raps in their uplifting title number. The track was well executed to bring across a positive message.

Title track: Sonogong

In contrast, the album’s second track, Sonogong, comes as more aggressive. It is named after a mythological character Sun Wukong, or Monkey King.

It’s a clever metaphorical use of the Chinese superhero. And Seventeen channeled his energy in this track, to urge listeners to overcome any hardships in life.

Oriental instruments and timely beat drops fill the high-octane track. It is also paired with zealous choreography. And that combination happens to suit the band to a T.

Particularly, its addictive hooks stood out. As the boy band sings: “Darumdarimda, hop on our cloud and get all around (hey) / Darumdarimda, so that we can proudly stand tall (hey)”.

The music video also shows the band in oriental outfits in synchronised dance moves alongside a throng of dancers.

B-side track: Dust

Special mention for B-side track Dust. Musically, it’s a treat to the ears as members flex their high notes.

The vocal unit of the band – consisting of Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan, performed the synth-pop song.

They liken love to dust in this song, yearning for a relationship that’s gone.


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