ATEEZ confirms June comeback with stunning promotional stunt

The eight-membered band just held their tour The Fellowship: Break the Wall Anchor in Seoul over the weekend.

Oliver Chan

| April 30, 2023
ATEEZ. Photo: KQ Entertainment

It’s official. South Korean K-pop boy band ATEEZ will be coming back with new music in June.

But the news came with a stunning promotional stunt.

Breaking down the stunning promotional stunt

The band held a two-day show titled The Fellowship: Break the Wall Anchor in Seoul yesterday (29 Apr) and the day before (28 Apr). They played at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

At the venue vicinity, fans discovered mysterious banners with QR codes. On the first day, scanning these QR codes led them to an image which read “see you at the end”.

But the next day, the same QR code directed fans to an ATEEZ poster instead.

HallyuSG - Ateez

These food banners promoting Cheongyang chili peppers cleverly disguised itself as promotional materials for the band’s upcoming activities.

HallyuSG - Ateez
ATEEZ’s promotional materials were disguised as food banners. HallyuSG Photo: HallyuSG Reader

After the first show on Friday (28 Apr), fans also saw a mega billboard outside the concert venue. It showed silhouettes of the members and it named them as “dangerous fugitives”.

ATEEZ members described as ‘dangerous fugitives” in billboard outside show venue. HallyuSG Photo: HallyuSG Reader

The billboard was destroyed shortly after, resulting in a pile of debris. It seems that the act was intentional.

The billboard appears to be intentionally destroyed after the second show. HallyuSG Photo: HallyuSG Reader

ATEEZ’s Halateez concept

Fans speculate that this could be closely related to Halateez. Halateez is allegedly ATEEZ but in an alternate universe. And the darker alter ego of the eight members.

It’s likely that Halateez could be wanted by the government of Strictland, a dystopian world where people aren’t allowed to have feelings.

Last year, fans also saw similar posters in Hongdae and scanning the codes on it led to the band’s teaser.

Before the second show, show organisers also screened a short spoiler of the band’s upcoming comeback on the LED screens.

Separately, ATEEZ last dropped their first single album Spin Off: From the Witness last December. It was led by lead single Halazia (2022).


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