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Show Review: One member down, but NCT Dream promise to come back with full strength

NCT Dream played in Singapore with only six members, but they promised fans that member Chenle will be back for the next show.

Avier Tan

| May 2, 2023
HallyuSG - NCT Dream
NCT Dream playing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Photo: NCT Dream/ Twitter

NCT Dream Tour “The Dream Show 2: In a Dream” in Singapore
Singapore Indoor Stadium
1 May 2023

NCT Dream played their first show here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday (1 May).

They’re a seven-piece band, but we only saw six members on stage. The group’s vocalist, Chenle, did not take part in the Singapore leg due to “poor health conditions”.

When I watched them dance and bounce on stage, I keep telling myself they’re not a newly-debuted group. In fact, they actually made their debut in 2016 – which means that they’ve been in the industry for seven years.

But it’s really hard to wrap my head around that fact. After all, the oldest member is only 23.

Amidst the high-octane set and intense dancing, here are four highlights from their approximately three-hour Singapore concert.

1. A magic show like opening

Like any other K-pop shows, NCT Dream’s starts with a video to warm the audience up. But before that, we see members in pyjamas talking to one another in their dreams on LED screens.

The opening segment was planned in accordance with the show’s running theme. And they lived up to the title of their tour – the second Dream Show: In A Dream.

When they do finally appear on stage, some members are raised by stage lifts in transparent case boxes. It’s like those you’d see straight out of David Copperfield’s illusion shows.

Fortunately, fans can rest assured – there’s no sword that’ll pass through it. But what I’m more intrigued by is: how do they actually breathe in that measly space?

2. Members promise to come back with Chenle

Group members aren’t too hesitant to address the elephant in the room – Chenle’s absence. In fact, in almost every talk set, they never fail to plug the 21 year-old vocalist.

“I know that Chenle isn’t here today,” Renjun said. “So that’s why we’re going to come back soon for a concert,” he added.

Other members also took turns to address the sell-out crowd. Haechan also seized the opportunity to slide a tease for their future activities.

“In the future, there will be a new album [coming]. And there will be Chenle,” he said.

3. A weighty setlist totaling 29 tracks

NCT Dream is one boy band that puts their own physical endurance to the test. They played a total of 29 tracks live last night.

HallyuSG - NCT Dream
NCT Dream backstage at their Singapore concert. Photo: NCT Dream/ Twitter

No doubt, between three to four tracks, a short video was screened for members to change into their next outfits and catch their breath. 

Nearing the end of the show, show producers even screened the band’s music video for Drive (2022).

They served up quite the variety of tracks. From groovy hip-hop track We Go Up (2018) to emotional ballads like Sorry, Heart (2022) and Puzzle Piece (2020).

Performing Puzzle Piece (2020) was probably the only time where the boy band sat down to sing a track.

And how can they miss out their bubblegum pop debut track Chewing Gum (2016)? Sadly, members didn’t bring along their signature hoverboards this time around.

4. Synchronised lightsticks help set the tone 

Even before the show, I spot fans with a tinge of green in their outfits. They either wore green skirts, tops, or green outerwear. Whatever it was, they unanimously incorporated the band’s colour – lime green, to be specific – in their concert fit.

Fans are not the only ones in sync. Their lightsticks are too.

Inside the show venue, I was pleasantly surprised to see their lightsticks flicker with a neon green hue in unison when the opening track played. After all, not every K-pop show does lightstick synchronising.

So it made sense when show organisers denied fans to bring in unofficial merchandise and lightsticks.


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