Meet Jeremy Cheung of Jubilee Skincare, aka the kingpin of Korean skincare

Jubilee Skincare’s Jeremy Cheung knows a thing or two about what efficacy and efficiency should be with NAIIAN Beauty.

Bryan Goh

| May 9, 2023
HallyuSG - Jeremy Cheung
Jeremy Cheung Of Jubilee Skincare. Photo: Men’s Folio

What do you do when you’re born into the business of skincare development and manufacturing? You can continue living the lineage you’ve been bestowed with or you can do what Jubilee Skincare’s founder and CEO Jeremy Cheung has done: integrate what you’ve learnt into a business of your own, innovate what skincare can and should be, and next, inspire by gathering the best minds in the world to push the boundaries of science.

The result of Cheung’s latest efforts is NAIIAN Beauty, a skincare brand developed with Korean stem cell technology. While it might sound complex or even convoluted in an industry that is now pushing for “simpler” formulations, the concept of NAIIAN Beauty is surprisingly simple.

Cheung and his a-star team of scientists (from Harvard no less) have developed something called the Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix (or CSCM for short) which is a blend of 250 stem cell-derived growth factors. And, these 250 growth factors are known to have “shape-shifting abilities” that are able to “recognise” what specific damage your skin has experienced and next, start the process of recovery.

To deliver the CSCM efficiently, however, would be to consider its delivery system itself. NAIIAN Beauty has next designed a proprietary water technology known as DNA Water that is 50% more effective than normal water, a delivery system used in most skincare products, for even better absorption.

Now, let Cheung explain the rest: how K-Beauty has evolved, how he has rethought the micro-needling system, and of course, how much better your skin will look and feel with NAIIAN Beauty’s products.

Hello Jeremy, it’s a classic Men’s Folio way to start an interview by asking founders/CEOs/etc to pitch their brand/business in 10 words or less so if you could humour us by pitching NAIIAN.
A skin technology commercialising company that delivers clinically-proven skin-rejuvenating results.

Out of curiosity, what do you think has been the biggest change in the beauty industry since you started 26 years ago? What about in terms of K-Beauty then?
In the past, and perhaps even now, the beauty business is dominated by big companies.

But in recent years, with the increased adoption of OEM factory technology and the rise of social media, the barriers to entry into the beauty business have gone down significantly, and that contributed to the proliferation of many smaller independent beauty brands.

Korea is now leading the world trend in beauty and lifestyle. For K-Beauty, I do see a shift for brands to focus on skin technology for products that can achieve better and faster results.

HallyuSG - Jeremy Cheung
With just three products — an eye serum, a face serum, and a micro-needling roller system — NAIIAN has also rethought the classic Korean skincare step ideal. Photo: Men’s Folio

What exactly are you trying to do with NAIIAN? Was it a response to industry trends or something that has been brewing in your mind for years? Or, were you perhaps trying to solve an issue you had yourself?

There are a lot of good skin technologies developed by scientists, but many beauty brands cannot survive or compete in the market because of the domination of big companies and their multi-million (celeb endorsement) marketing campaigns.

NAIIAN is a challenger to the current beauty giants. We want to help skin technology developers commercialise their inventions by creating different beauty-related businesses.


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Are you able to somehow simplify what Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix means? Also, what exactly does it do for NAIIAN’s products and how does it make it different or even better than other youth-preserving products in the market?

In simple terms, you can see the Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix as a Stem Cell Water Cocktail, which is a product of our stem cell technology and DNA water technology.

Our stem cell product is produced in a vertically-integrated research and production facility that holds 309 patents in 147 countries around the world. Unlike other brands that claim to have stem cell conditioned media ingredients in their products, our product is created from a one-stop vertically integrated stem cell facility that includes stem cell research; stem cell extraction; stem cell culturing, processing, and banking; medical treatment, and commercial product development and production.

In my opinion, this is unique and probably only NAIIAN can make this claim worldwide. What this means is that we can ensure the best quality control at every stage of the process, which the other brands can’t, to get the best youth-preserving product.

In NAIIAN’s state-of-the-art life sciences lab, human stem cells are cultured in a nutrient solution. During cultivation, they will naturally generate growth factors that retain the renewing powers of the original cells. NAIIAN’s patented Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix is a powerful blend of 250 of these stem cell-derived growth factors: one of the highest concentrations of growth factors in the skincare industry today.

Growth factors are important to promote skin cell growth, maintain skin elasticity and glow, induce cell activation and healing, promote tissue growth and regeneration, and more.

Beyond toxins, pollutants, and poor diet; what are some ways we’re accelerating the ageing process of our skin? What about ways that we’re unconscious of?

I think a lot of people neglect the importance of water. From water that we use for showering and shampooing our hair to water that we drink daily, these are all important contributing factors that could speed up our ageing process.


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For the DNA Water, how does it deliver the CSCM into the skin? More importantly, what will be the first obvious difference to your skin post-application? What about a month after then?

NAIIAN’s DNA Water is made up of many oil-friendly microspheres that will mix with the oil droplets on the skin surface, creating an emulsifying effect that makes it the ultimate delivery system for skincare.

It is 50% or more effective than normal water. The DNA Water efficiently delivers nutrients and active ingredients into the skin, ensuring optimal absorption for long-lasting hydration and nourishment.

It energises and enlivens the face, restoring equilibrium and balance to enhance the skin’s well-being. It also protects against environmental stress factors that can accelerate skin ageing.

The first obvious difference is that your skin will feel more moisturised and firmer. Based on clinical tests, users can experience line and texture refinement within 10 days, brighter and even skin tone within 14, and an overall lifting effect within a month.


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What about the Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Rolling System then? Its tips don’t seem to puncture the skin like standard micro-needling systems so how does it ensure that the skin is absorbing as much CSCM and DNA water then?

The HA Microneedle Roller is made up of 3600 needles that measure 0.255mm each. At this length, they are strong to create open channels on our skin with no painful downside effect.

Together with our CSCM and DNA Water serum, the Hyaluronic Acid needles will dissolve and be absorbed together by our skin during the rolling action, which will result in a very good booster effect for our skin.

For NAIIAN’s products, would you recommend them for use on the body? For example, using the Microneedle Rolling System on areas where you want to target sagging etc.

Besides the face, NAIIAN’s products can be used on the neck, hands, or any part of your body with stretch marks.

What is next for the brand? Considering too that as of now, it feels like a complete series of products.

With DNA Water as our base, we will create products with other proven life science technology ingredients. We are looking into creating different cartridge rollers for different functions with the microneedle system.

With our vertical integrated stem cell operation, we are going to create customised stem cell water cocktails to address different customers’ needs.

Lastly, another way we like to end a Men’s Folio interview: what is the #1 song you’re looping now and why?

I listen to a lot of Korean songs and watch a lot of Korean dramas. Recently, I really enjoy the TV drama titled “The Beauty Inside” and its theme song.

This article first appeared on Men’s Folio.


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