Hallyu Spotlight: 4 things to know about Netflix’s newest Korean series Black Knight

The main cast of Black Knight – Kim Woo-bin, Kang You-seok, Esom and Song Seung-heon – shared their filming experiences at the series’ press conference.

Zhuo Jia Wen

| May 11, 2023
Black Knight
(L to R): Song Seung-heon, Kim Woo-bin, Esom and Kang You-seok at the Black Knight press conference. Photo: Netflix

Netflix’s newest Korean series, Black Knight, is yet another highly anticipated K-Drama.

The six-part series, based on a webtoon comic of the same Korean title, will bring viewers into the future. The plot is set in the 2070s, where a comet falling on Earth has caused threatening air pollution.

As a result, everyone has to put on masks. And they are very much reliant on delivery men to transport their oxygen supply and daily necessities.

Amongst the group of delivery men is 5-8 (Kim Woo-bin). Once a refugee, he is now one of the most revered delivery men for his staggering physical abilities and wit.

Ahead of the release of the series, here are four things to know about Black Knight.

1. Its Korean title translates literally to ‘delivery men’

The Korean title of Black Knight is ‘taek-bae gi-sa’, which translates literally to delivery men. But the director has a reason as to why he named the series Black Knight in the end.

“During the day, these delivery men deliver oxygen and supplies to the people. At night, these refugee-turned-delivery men come together as black knights to protect and deliver necessities to refugees,” director Cho Ui-seok said at the press conference.

These delivery men are delivering daily necessities, so “they become special beings who act as lifelines,” said Esom, who plays Seol-ah, a military intelligence officer.

2. Black Knight is a series like no other

When asked if Black Knight would be a Korean rendition of 1979 Australian action film Mad Max, director Cho does not quite think so.

“It is quite different,” he said. No doubt, there might be some scenes that remind viewers of the Australian film but “the narrative is quite different,” he added.

Black Knight
A still from Black Knight. Photo: Netflix

Netflix previously pushed out various dystopian series and films like Jung_E (2023) and Time to Hunt (2020). But director Cho is certain that the plot of Black Knight will set itself apart.

3. This is director Cho Ui-seok’s first shot at filming a series

Director Cho Ui-seok made his debut as a film director. And Black Knight happens to be his first attempt at directing a series.

“It’s like directing two movies [at one go],” he said.

Despite that, his cast has full confidence in him. “I have experience working with [the director] on Master (2016),” said Kim Woo-bin.

Fellow actor Song Seung-heon, who plays Ryu-seok, the director of Cheonmyeong Group, is also acquainted with director Cho for 20 years now.

Actor Song Seung-heon plays Ryu-seok in Black Knight. Photo: Netflix

He said: “No matter what story he is going to portray, I said that if there is a role I can play, I will be in it”.

4. Hierarchy matters a lot in the series

Social hierarchy matters a lot in the series – and keep this at the back of your mind while you watch the six-part series.

In sum, the people are split into four main social classes and are divided into different areas – the refugee, general, special and core districts.

The refugee district sees a sand-covered, desertified Seoul while the general district features rows of concrete abodes. The special district encapsulates all-things dystopian, with an overall dark outlook.

Black Knight
The special district in Black Knight. Photo: Netflix

The core district bears stark contrast to all other areas – with sunlight, an abundance of oxygen and other resources.


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