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Show Review: Lee Hi serves up a late night set at Tiger’s Twist to the Night Festival

Lee Hi is back with a solo performance at Tiger's Twist To The Night Festival, for the launch of their new Soju Infused Lager.

Dayna Yam

| May 15, 2023
Lee Hi
Lee Hi headlining the Tiger Twist to the Night Festival. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

With a cup of beer in one hand and the other up in the air, the 3000-strong crowd swayed energetically to the live performances. 

We saw regional acts brb., Balming Tigers and RamenGvrl play their sets, warming up the crowd for the headlining act Lee Hi. 

She last came to Singapore in January for a show organised by her label, AOMG. But fans are still very much looking forward to seeing her play live again at the festival.

Here are three highlights from Tiger’s Twist to the Night festival.

1. An intimate stage setting with dazzling exhibits

The event stage was unlike typical concert set-ups. Event organisers opted for a slightly smaller stage space with just a DJ at the rear.

Lee Hi
Lee Hi. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

And this offered a more intimate setting where Lee Hi was able to interact with and engage the crowd more frequently.

Away from the stage, the festival grounds also housed neon light fixtures, similar to those you’d find at the back alleys of Asian cities. Eye-catching and perfect for a quick Instagram shot.

2. A short but jam packed setlist

Lee Hi appeared in denim jeans and a sleeveless white blouse, fit for Singapore’s sweltering hit.

And she played nine songs – eight of which were prepared prior to the show. Iconic hits like No One (2019), Only (2021) and Red Lipstick (2021) were some of those in her setlist.

Some of these tracks were originally performed together with other artists, most of whom are rappers. That night, Lee Hi also covered the rap portions by herself for Savior (2021) and No One (2019).

As she finished her last track at midnight, fans yearned for an encore segment. And she was game.

She later served up a live rendition of her emotive ballad Breathe (2016).

3. Bottoms up: Lee Hi trying the new lager

Halfway into the set, the 26 year-old singer asked show organisers if they could give a can of beer. She said she “needed some alcohol in her body” before moving on.

Lee Hi
Lee Hi tasting the new Tiger Soju Infused Lager. HallyuSG Photo: Nicole Quek

A timely promotion indeed. 

She took a swig of the new Tiger Soju Infused Lager before continuing with her performance.


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