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Show Review: EXO-SC shows off love for chilli crab and each other in intimate fan-con

At the show, EXO-SC also promised fans that they will be back soon with other EXO members as a full group.

Avier Tan

| May 22, 2023
EXO-SC performing at the Singapore leg of their Back to Back fan-con tour. Photo: iMe Singapore

EXO-SC Back to Back Fancon Tour in Singapore
The Star Theatre
17 May 2023

EXO-SC, a subunit of South Korean boy band EXO, played in Singapore last Wednesday (17 May) at The Star Theatre.

Composed of members Sehun and Chanyeol, they were in town for an intimate fan-con: a portmanteau of a fan meet and a concert. 

The duo did a mix of both. Here are three highlights from the show, where they performed some hits and played interactive games with fans.

1. An intimate peek into the lives of Sehun and Chanyeol

In one segment of the show, fans took a peek into the lives of both Sehun and Chanyeol. They each picked out two photos from their phone galleries and projected them onto the big screens. The duo also shared some stories behind these photos.

EXO-SC share the stories behind some images they showed fans at the Singapore fan-con. Photo: iMe Singapore

Sehun gave fans a glimpse of his hobby in one photo – snowboarding. “[One of the photos was taken] when I went snowboarding with my friends in Korea last winter,” he explained.

Talking about the sport, he continued: “I actually started snowboarding because of Chanyeol”.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol is head over heels about his favourite local dish – and he really means it. One of the photos he picked showed him eating, well, chilli crab, at a local joint before the show.

“I was eating with a Singaporean uncle and he really likes beer. He’s loaded,” said the somewhat deadpan Chanyeol.

“[The uncle] bought chilli crab for Chanyeol,” Sehun said. “Just kidding,” he later added.

2. Addictive hits, solid dance moves

In between these intimate and interactive segments, they also brought along a mini-concert for fans.


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The duo performed their debut track What A Life (2019) and songs from their first album 1 Billion Views (2020) like Fly Away (2020) and Rodeo Station (2020).

At one juncture, they also brought back EXO hits and flaunted solid dance moves to Love Shot (2018) and Ko Ko Bop (2017).

EXO-SC performing at the Singapore leg of their Back to Back fan-con tour. Photo: iMe Singapore

3. Unfiltered humour and off-the-wall dynamic

EXO-SC is as unfiltered as they can get when it comes to humour. It’s also because they’re seasoned enough to make these jokes.

It’s their 11th year in the industry anyways; and they celebrated a decade since their debut last year.

EXO-SC performing at the Singapore leg of their Back to Back fan-con tour. Photo: iMe Singapore

At one point during their talk set, the duo joked: “We fight a lot, almost 24/7. Right before we came onstage, we had an argument”.

We know that’s definitely not the case. When Chanyeol’s guitar slipped off his hand and dropped on the ground in an unrehearsed segment, Sehun was the first one to come to his aid.

“We cover each other [in times like these],” they said.


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