“I’m a multiplayer – a CEO, an investor and a lawyer”: David Yong on how he’s more than just a K-pop artist

David Yong talks his role as an Influencer-CEO and his upcoming summer track which drops in July, in collaboration with an international DJ.

Avier Tan

| May 25, 2023
David Yong
David Yong in a promotional shot. Photo: David Yong

Following his successful collaboration track with MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, homegrown CEO influencer and K-pop star David Yong has got even bigger plans in store.

This includes “releasing an EDM pop track with an international DJ” in July with a “hot and sexy music video with summer vibes”, Yong told HallyuSG exclusively via a video call.

“This will be the first time that this popular DJ will be singing” in the duet track, he added. He later told me that he’s unable to drop names just yet.

Looking back at David Yong’s releases

To date, the 36 year-old multi-hyphenate has dropped a few tracks.

One of his first tracks was a chic hip-hop number In My Pocket (2022) featuring rapper Kid Milli. His latest release was a playful yet fun spring track with Moonbyul, Maybe Love (2023), which was nine months in the making.

David Yong
David Yong and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul at a recording studio. Photo: David Yong

Both songs have very contrasting styles and vibes. And his upcoming release will be different from what he previously dropped too.

As to why this is so, he said: “As a K-pop artist, I want to try out different genres, different styles. Not only hip-hop, ballads or pop, I’m even venturing into EDM pop now”.

His choices in the music aspect reflect how diverse Yong, as a person, is.

David Yong on being a multi-player

During our chat, I realised he terms himself as a multi-player quite often; instead of just confining himself to a specific occupation or title. I ask him if there’s any role model he has, and he tells me it’s BIGBANG’s frontman, G-Dragon.

“He’s a very successful idol, involved in the art scene and he also pursues his own fashion PEACEMINUSONE”.

Yong’s multi-player identity mirrors much of G-Dragon He’s a CEO, an investor and a lawyer by profession. Now, he made his debut as a K-pop artist at 35.

G-Dragon’s fashion line PEACEMINUSONE teams up with Nike. Photo: Press

He thinks that age is not a big issue and it’s never too late to try out something new.

“The world is becoming more open, people are more willing to accept new roles and challenges,” he said. In fact, he wants to rally on the younger generation to go out of their comfort zone and break these “old stereotypes”.

But he also acknowledges that he’s not so much a freshly minted K-pop idol per se. After all, he signed with his label, RBW, as a CEO-influencer.

“My key role as a CEO-influencer is to do a lot of cross-border work between Korea and Southeast Asia (SEA) to export quality Korean content to SEA,” he said. 

Future plans: An idol selection programme

Put simply, Yong acts as a bridge for talents in Southeast Asia to go to South Korea to make their debut. This includes actors, emcees and entertainers.

David Yong
David Yong in a promotional shot. Photo: David Yong

A major project that is underway includes an idol survival selection programme. And “we’re in talks with a big over-the-top (OTT) channel to do it,” he revealed. The chosen idols will then debut in South Korea with a contract.

Yong will also be taking part in the filming of the programme, which will be shot in both Southeast Asia regions and South Korea.


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