These are the summer festivals to catch in South Korea: Waterbomb, Yonsei’s Akaraka, and more

There's probably no better way to chase away the heat than enjoying a day out while basking in the bustling atmosphere of summer festivals.

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| May 29, 2023
summer festivals
CL playing at the Bangkok edition of Waterbomb. Photo: Waterbomb Bangkok

The summer season comes along with unbearable heat and high temperatures. But more importantly, it also comes with some of the biggest festivals in South Korea.

There’s probably no better way to chase away the summer heat than enjoying a day out while basking in the bustling atmosphere.

There is an abundance of summer festivals happening in South Korea. This includes the Boryeong Mud Festival, Muju Firefly Festival, and Daegu Chimac Festival. These festivals use mud, scenic views, and tasty food respectively to combat the summer heat.

However, as the country is best known for its music, K-pop is definitely an essential element in festivals.

If  you have not heard about summer music festivals in Korea, here are the three most popular ones that HallyuSG recommends you get in the know:

1. Yonsei University’s Akaraka

Akaraka is one of the most awaited festivals in Korea among university students; although tickets are exclusively sold to students at Yonsei University. Ticket prices range from 15,000₩ to 17,000₩ (S$15.22 to S$ 17.25).

Every year, purchasing tickets is a fierce competition game as A-list K-pop stars play live at this three-day festival.

This year’s edition of Akaraka took place recently with its first day on 20 May (Sat). Some of the artists who performed this year include LE SSERAFIM, IVE and aespa.

2. Seoul Music Park Festival

Seoul Music Park Festival centres around the idea of having a picnic while enjoying various kinds of music — ranging from jazz to pop.

summer festivals
2020 Seoul Music Park Festival. Photo: Klook

Tickets to the festival cost 99,000₩ (S$ 100.43) for a one-day pass and 178,000₩ (S$ 180.58) for a two-day pass.

This year’s edition will be a two-day festival held at Olympic Park, from 24 Jun (Sat) to 25 Jun (Sun). And performing artists include Crush, 10cm, Young K, Kyuhyun and Highlight will be performing.

3. Waterbomb Festival

The Waterbomb Festival is a large-scale festival held across different countries like Korea, Thailand and Japan.

Similar to the Songkran Music Festival, the theme of the Waterbomb Festival is, well, water. As festival-goers get drenched, they can also enjoy music from diverse artists, from Korean DJs to K-pop idols.

A fan of EDM or Hip-hop music? This festival is definitely worth attending with artists like BIBI, Jay Park and SUNMI featuring in the festival this year, happening in Seoul from 23 Jun (Fri) to 25 Jun (Sun).

Tickets are selling only for 154,000₩ (S$ 156.23), which is, with all things considered, affordable, considering the many big-name artists performing. 

Traveling elsewhere to experience different seasons and escape Singapore’s intolerably high temperatures might sound more appealing. But it’s also worth giving Korea a visit during summer to experience the various festivals; especially if you are a fan of Korean music.


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