Review: BOYNEXTDOOR makes highly anticipated debut with upbeat and relatable hits

Up-and-coming boy band BOYNEXTDOOR debuts with a single album that's refreshingly invigorating for the summer.

Belinda Poh

| June 2, 2023
BOYNEXTDOOR. Photo: KOZ Entertainment

South Korean boy band BOYNEXTDOOR is finally making their highly-anticipated debut.

The six-piece band, comprising Sungho, Riwoo, Jaehyun, Taesan, Leehan and Woonhak, dropped their first single album Who (2023) on Tuesday (30 May).

They also happen to be the first boy band from KOZ Entertainment. The entertainment label was established by rapper Zico in 2019 and was later acquired by Hybe in 2020.

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BOYNEXTDOOR’s single album features a total of three tracks. All of them are centred on conveying stories relatable to youths, rather than focusing on a storyline. Or including fantasy elements, which seem to be in trend recently.

Fronting the group’s debut album is title number One and Only (2023). And rightfully so.

It stands out as a song that anyone would listen to, as the track features rhythmic beats and an easy-to-listen-to melody. Co-produced and co-written by Zico, this song stays true to his trendy, upbeat yet laid-back vibes. 

Other b-side tracks in the album include But I Like You (2023), the first song in the album. It expresses how a boy is driven crazy by thoughts and troubles when he likes someone.

The refreshing number boasts the group’s unique rap and vocal tones and an addictive melody. Three members of the band, Jaehyun, Taesan and Wonhak also penned lyrics for the track.

Another song partly co-written by the three members is Serenade (2023). Its lyrics were written from the perspective of a boy speaking to his crush, spotlighting their innocent charm as a boy band who’ve just made their debut.

And we need to talk about that subtle reference to IU’s Friday (2013), a cheeky but witty touch.

Coupled with fun and playful choreography, the track also boasts an addictive tune with bright vocals.


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