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Show Review: Multilingual WayV serves up blazing bromance in first Singapore fan meeting

At the approximately two-hour set, WayV performed some of their hit tracks and covered labelmate aespa's Illusion.

Avier Tan

| June 4, 2023
WayV held their first Singapore fan meeting at The Star Theatre. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

WayV was in town last Friday (2 Jun) for their first fan meeting, titled after their fourth mini album: Phantom (2022). The boy band engaged fans in some interactive game segments. But when it was time to perform, they were also not one to disappoint.

Leader Kun, born Qian Kun, sat at the side for several tracks heavy on choreography due to his ankle injury. Spotted in a leg cast, the 27-year-old singer excitedly proclaimed that he “can wear normal shoes starting next week”.

From covering labelmate aespa’s Illusion (2022) to member Xiaojun’s public confession to all members, here are three highlights from WayV’s approximately two-hour set.

1. WayV brought their A-game for their first fan meeting

Evidently, WayV pulled out all the stops for their first Singapore fan meeting. The boys performed a total of nine original hits and slotted a dance medley segment in the middle of the set.

It’s no wonder why the crowd was wild when they covered various earworms of their labelmates like aespa’s Illusion (2022), SHINee’s Sherlock (2012) and NCT Dream’s Candy, originally sung by H.O.T.

WayV members perform some of their hits live at their first Singapore fan meeting. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

They’ve also served up hit tracks of their own, like Kick Back (2021) and Nectar (2020). WayV also proved that they’re not all about complex choreographies, as they flexed their vocal prowess with a ballad Dream Launch (2019).

2. WayV is a multilingual and humorous bunch

It’s pretty common to hear K-pop groups speak a mix of both Korean and English. But since WayV is a Chinese boy band, they predominantly spoke in Chinese and English.

WayV engages in interactive game segments at their first Singapore fan meeting. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

Having been trained in Korea-based SM Entertainment, they unknowingly converse in Korean at times too. At some point in the show, members Hendery and Xiaojun also held a conversation in Cantonese.

Now talk about being multilingual. We’ve only not heard Ten, who’s of Thai descent, speak his mother tongue here in Singapore.

In the interactive game segments, members were required to throw darts and attempt a corresponding mission. For Xiaojun, his task was to hold the hands of his bandmate and make a public confession to them.

For member Kun, he was tasked to share a place in Singapore he’d recommend others to visit. Look out for it on his personal Instagram handle.

3. WayV is no stranger to Singapore

Though this is the band’s first official visit to Singapore, members revealed that they’ve been to the sunny island on multiple occasions before.

Ten said: “When I was 13 [years’ old], I came to the night safari and I remembered asking myself where’s the lion and tiger?” The 27-year-old singer recalled that he’s been here for school events with friends.

Member Hendery, too, said: ” I’ve been to the Marina Bay Sands before”.

He also marvelled at the smooth road conditions here. “There’s no jam in Singapore,” he said, appearing to be in pleasant surprise. “It’s a smooth ride from our hotel to the show venue,” he said.

Compared to K-pop groups who are usually more tight-lipped, WayV does not shy away from hinting future plans.

Member Xiaojun teased: “We’d like to come back soon, whether it’s for a concert, or to promote an album or for Ten’s solo next year?”

Confetti sprays at the finale of WayV’s first Singapore fan meeting. Photo: CK Star Entertainment

You’ve heard that right. Ten’s mini-album might just drop soon.


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