Taking a closer look at Y2K fashion — a resurgence in the K-pop industry

Y2K fashion has appeared in the K-pop world, where idols don bold colours, crop-tops and mini skirts to accompany the music.

Pang Jing Wen

| June 5, 2023
Y2K in K-pop
NewJeans. Photo: Press

Recently, the resurgence of Y2K fashion has taken the K-pop industry by storm.

This iconic trend, reminiscent of the early 2000s, has found its way back into the spotlight. Numerous K-pop idols enthusiastically embrace its unique charm. Whether it’s their personal style preference or a deliberate choice for a music video comeback.

The influence of Y2K fashion is undeniable.

K-pop groups like NewJeans and (G)I-DLE have been captivating audiences with their flawless execution of the Y2K aesthetic. It’s even appearing in (G)I-DLE’s new track, Allergy (2023): “MZ #Hashtag What the Y2K/ The world goes round without me”.

Drawing inspiration from these fashionable idols, HallyuSG takes a closer look at the key elements that define the Y2K fashion trend.

1. Bold colours and patterns

Y2K K-pop
(G)I-DLE dressed in bold colours. Photo: Press

Y2K fashion thrives on vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns. From striking monochromes to nostalgic patterns reminiscent of the era, incorporating bold colours and patterns is essential in capturing the essence of Y2K fashion.

2. Crop tops; mini-skirts

Crop tops and mini skirts are a defining feature of Y2K fashion.

These iconic pieces are perfect for channelling a playful and youthful spirit of the early 2000s while exuding confidence and style.

3. Oversized tops, baggy bottoms

Pair an oversized hoody with some baggy bottoms and you get a classic Y2K fit. And when we talk baggy bottoms, the looser they are, the better.

A graphic tee on the inside would be ideal, to top off the look.

4. Chunky platform shoes

(G)I-DLE. Photo: Press

Elevate your Y2K-inspired ensemble with the quintessential footwear choice: chunky platform shoes. These nostalgic kicks instantly add height and attitude to any outfit. 

5. Accessorise to the max

Y2K fashion is also all about going big with accessories. From oversized sunglasses and butterfly clips to statement jewellery and colourful hair accessories, don’t shy away from adding flair to your look.

NewJeans. Photo: Press

As Y2K fashion continues to make waves in the K-pop industry, it’s clear that this nostalgic trend has found a new home in the hearts of both idols and fans alike.


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