Revolutionising denim for 150 years: Levi’s celebrates milestone anniversary with NewJeans

NewJeans, alongside local music artists BIG Naughty and Zior Park, performed live at the Live in Levi's music concert held in South Korea.

Lora Young

| June 8, 2023
NewJeans at the Live in Levi’s Music Concert held in South Korea. Photo: Levi’s

Earlier this year, American clothing company Levi’s announced that they will be partnering K-pop girl group NewJeans. This collaboration was “to further its ambition to engage younger customers”, a press statement wrote.

This year also marks a significant milestone for the brand as they celebrate the 150th anniversary of their iconic 501 jeans.

One of the highlights of the experience was a series of immersive community pop-ups held in different countries.

In Singapore, denim lovers and fans had exclusive early access to the all-new 501 line-ups. The event featured live performances, sustainability-focused workshops, and live customisation by the iconic Levi’s tailor shop.

The immersive community pop-up in Singapore. Photo: Levi’s

On 501 day (20 May), a special invite-only Levi’s 501 Experience took place in South Korea, featuring Levi’s newest global ambassadors, NewJeans.  The event showcased a product archive, highlighting the 150-year history of the 501 jeans.

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NewJeans, alongside local music artists BIG Naughty and Zior Park, performed live at the Live in Levi’s music concert. It was also live-streamed on Levi’s Korea’s YouTube and Instagram channels, for fans worldwide to join the celebration.

Hanni, a member of NewJeans and a Gen-Z fashion icon, expressed her excitement at being a global ambassador for Levi’s. She said: “Levi’s is a brand even my parents grew up with, so to be able to work in partnership as a global ambassador of a brand with such a deep history is really a big honour for all of us!”

She also hopes to continue showcasing how Levi’s jeans are a staple item that should be in everyone’s closet.

Member Danielle shares similar sentiments. “Levi’s is and always was a staple item in my wardrobe,” the 18-year-old singer said.


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