Kang Daniel drops heart-wrenching English single Wasteland ahead of fourth mini-album Realiez

After six months, Kang Daniel is back with new music.

Belinda Poh

| June 8, 2023
Kang Daniel
Kang Daniel. Photo: Kang Daniel’s YouTube Channel

After six months, Kang Daniel is back with new music. Titled Realiez, his fourth mini album will drop on 19 June (Mon).

Before the new album arrives, the 26-year-old singer gave a sneak peek of it with a pre-release single Wasteland (2023) on Tuesday (7 June).

Sung completely in English, its lyrics convey a tale of a man betrayed by someone he loved. And its title, Wasteland, is what has become of his heart after that.

The track has a rather Westernised melody, one that would fit perfectly in an action film set in a desert. This ties into the music sequence that was released along with the track.

The music sequence gives fans a deeper insight into the story previously told in the prequel video: even though the latter clip consists of only one scene. The scene shows Kang, on his knees, surrounded by demonic-looking creatures, some of whom are holding weapons.

The prequel video dropped on 25 May. And it featured cinematic scenes along with a suspenseful background tune.


Kang’s new album is something worth looking forward to, especially with its innovative and experimental concept. Once again, this highlights his creativity as he continuously comes up with fresh concepts for his new albums.


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