The return of second-gen K-pop boy bands: SHINee, Infinite and more…

These second-gen K-pop boy bands will be returning to the music scene, pushing out new albums and playing live shows.

Ashley Cheah

| June 9, 2023
SHINee. Photo: Press

Second-generation boy bands are making a majestic return to the K-pop scene.

The definition of which groups can exactly be considered second-gen bands isn’t exactly clear. But put loosely, they are mainly K-pop bands formed between 2007 and 2011.

Some of these acts making a return soon include: SHINee, Teen Top, Infinite and U-KISS. HallyuSG takes you through their upcoming releases, as well as when their new music will drop.

1. SHINee

Last month, the band teased their upcoming album release with a mega billboard at the side of the Megabox movie theatre in Seongsu, Seoul. It read: “2023 June, SHINee is back”.

Yesterday (8 Jun), the band dropped a music video teaser for their upcoming pre-release track The Feeling on YouTube. The music video will be officially released tomorrow (10 Jun).

Thereafter, they will release their eighth album in full, titled Hard, on 26 Jul.

This year also marks SHINee’s 15th anniversary. And the band celebrated it with their fans via an offline fan meeting held in South Korea late last month.

2. Infinite

Infinite made their debut back in 2010. And the sextet celebrated their 13th anniversary today (9 Jun).

To celebrate the momentous occasion, the boys will also be making a comeback. They will be carrying out promotions for group activities under Infinite Company founded by member Kim Sung-kyu, even though members are individually signed under different labels.

Infinite is widely known for tracks then like Be Mine (2011) and Back (2014). While they have confirmed an upcoming comeback, exact details have yet to be released.

3. Teen Top

Teen Top, now a quartet comprising Chunji, Niel, Ricky and Changjo, will also be returning to the scene.

They have been on radio silence for quite a while. But they recently gained attention after appearing on Yoo Jae-suk’s variety programme How Do You Play.

The boys performed a dance medley comprising their classics like Miss Right (2013), Rocking (2013) and To You (2012).

The group is currently gearing up for their comeback, slated to happen in July. Their upcoming album drop will mark their release of new music in three years. Teen Top last dropped a newer rendition of their 2012 hit, To You, in 2020.

As of now, specific details of the group’s comeback have yet to be announced.


This year also marks the 15th anniversary of K-pop boy band U-KISS.

At present, U-KISS is made up of three members: Soohyun, Hoon and Kiseop. However, for the upcoming album, they will be promoting it as a sextet.

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The trio will be joined by Alexander, AJ and Eli.

U-KISS. Photo: Press

To celebrate the milestone, they will be dropping a mini-album, titled Play List, later this month on 28 Jun. They will also be holding two live shows in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.


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