Review: BTS celebrates their youth and their fans in celebratory single Take Two

BTS' newest music Take Two is a quieter reflection of the band's experience in the industry thus far.

Pang Jing Wen

| June 11, 2023
BTS. Photo: Press

Global K-pop phenomenon BTS made a triumphant return with their highly anticipated new single, Take Two (2023).

Dropped on Friday (9 Jun), this track holds immense significance for BTS as they celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.

The track is named as such because the band thinks of their first decade in the industry as the first take, like in cinematography. And now, they’re transitioning into take two as they turn over the next page and embark on a new journey ahead.

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The track starts with light guitar strums before diving into an explosive vocal opening by vocalist Jungkook.

Lyrically, the song celebrates their youth and their legions of fans, affectionately known as ARMY. The group sings: “Yeah, we never felt so young/ When together sing the song/ Meeting each other’s eyes/ Even in the darkness”.

It is a timely reminder of the deep connection the band shares with their fans. And the unwavering bond and mutual support that propelled them to new heights.

BTS previously pushed out many dance tracks like Idol (2018), DNA (2018) and Dynamite (2020). But Take Two really takes things down a notch, serving as a quieter reflection of the band’s experience in the industry thus far.

Being “young forever” appears quite a fair bit on the track. And it’s the band’s reference to one of their older tunes Epilogue: Young Forever (2016).

Of course, the boys don’t literally mean that they don’t want to age.

Rather, they want to hold that passion for performing that they had when they were young dearly to them forever. Even after being industry veterans and achieving worldwide success, that initial passion of theirs is something they don’t want to lose.

Following the recent song release, fans can also look forward to a series of celebrations that will come in June.


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