TREASURE to introduce new sub-unit T5, drop second full album Reboot in August

TREASURE will be introducing a new sub-unit T5 next month ahead of the drop of their second full album Reboot in August.

Ashley Cheah

| June 12, 2023
Treasure. Photo: YG Entertainment

Following the completion of their Hello tour, TREASURE is set to come back with new music soon.

A short 2-minute clip shows YG Entertainment’s executive producer Yang Hyun-suk offering updates on the group’s upcoming activities.

He opened with an apology, saying: “I really wanted to apologise to all the fans”. This is because “I couldn’t fully dedicate myself to my work after debuting TREASURE,” Yang said.

TREASURE debuted back in 2020. At that time, the Burning Sun scandals were hitting the K-pop realm. Yang was also embroiled in several other allegations. He had been acquitted of the charges as of last December.

As for what’s coming for TREASURE, the band will be dropping their second full album, Reboot. The upcoming album, which will “comprise only new songs”, will most likely come in August.

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Yang later likes the band to a computer. It will be like “how we turn off and on our computers like a reboot”, he added.

The 10-piece band will also be pushing out a new sub-unit T5.

According to Yang, he asked the members to raise their hands if they thought they were the most handsome members. And five of them did, making their way into the new sub-unit.

The new sub-unit will come ahead of the release of the band’s second full album, in July.

Fans can look forward to a choreography video as a pre-release to pique their interest. While a track is usually dropped as a pre-release, their label embarks on a newer strategy this time to promote the new sub-unit.

Separately, TREASURE previously played in Singapore for the first time in April. Then, they proved to local fans that they were born performers.

The boys also recently dropped their first Japanese single Here I Stand (2023) in March.


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