Review: Heartfelt ballad Let Me In signifies a momentous return for EXO

The ballad track comes ahead of the release of EXO's upcoming seventh album, EXIST, slated to drop next month.

Pang Jing Wen

| June 15, 2023
Photo: SM Entertainment

South Korean boy band EXO recently dropped a new music video for their latest pre-release single Let Me In (2023).

The track dropped on Monday (12 Jun). And it serves as a sneak peek into the band’s upcoming album EXIST.

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The heartfelt ballad signifies a momentous return for EXO. It marks their first collective music release in two years since Don’t fight the feeling (2021).

While most of EXO’s music is dance-centric, their fair share of ballads doesn’t disappoint. Case in point: For Life (2016) and Sing For You (2015).

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Before its official release, Let Me In made its debut during EXO’s 11th-anniversary celebrations back in April. The nine-piece band held a fan meeting EXO’ Clock at the KSPO Dome, Seoul.

They treated fans, affectionately known as EXO-Ls, to a special live performance of the song then.

The music video exudes a cinematic atmosphere, evoking some deeply-buried emotions. It accompanies the members’ warm and soothing vocals, at times comforting, with an emphatic rap verse.

We first see EXO members in pairs. They gradually navigate their path towards one another as a meteor makes its impact on Earth.

The heartfelt lyrics of the track convey a yearning for the comforting embrace of a loved one. They sing: “Want to drift off in your soft embrace / If possible, hold me and Let me in”.

In other EXO news, EXO’s sub-unit EXO-SC, comprising Sehun and Chanyeol previously dropped by Singapore for a fan concert. And they were not shy in showing their love for each other, and our chilli crabs.


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