New faces in Squid Game season 2: Im Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Park Sung-hoon and Yang Dong-geun

Netflix confirmed that the hit series will return in November and "the game you love becomes reality", they said.

Avier Tan

| June 18, 2023
Squid Game
Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo and Jung Ho-yeon in a still from Squid Game. Photo: Netflix

Korean media outlets previously confirmed that actor Im Si-wan will be starring in the second season of Squid Game.

Today (18 Jun), Netflix Singapore announced that fans can expect a few more new faces in the hit series.

They are actors Kang Ha-neul, Park Sung-hoon and Yang Dong-geun.

Given the popularity of the series, it’s not quite a surprise that it will rope in big names in the industry. But seeing these actors officially confirmed in the line-up itself still stirs some excitement on social media.

In an Instagram post, Netflix Singapore shared a short movie-like trailer of the new actors, ending with the iconic tune of the Red Light, Green Light game.


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The four actors will join Lee Jung-jae, who plays Player #456, or Seong Gi-hun, in the upcoming series as new players of the game.

Squid Game is a fictional game where some 456 debt-ridden individuals risk their lives through a series of seemingly harmless childhood games. With a fatal twist nonetheless.

They go through a series of games, and failing to succeed in them will cost them their lives.

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Netflix also confirmed that the Squid Game-inspired reality programme will drop in November in a separate post. It wrote: “This November, the game you love becomes reality”.

Alongside the four new faces, some cast will also be returning to the series. This includes Gong Yoo, whom we saw introduce squid game to the first player. Other actors, like Lee Jung-jae, Wi Ha-joon, who plays police officer and detective Hwang Jun-ho will return.

Squid Game
Actor Wi Ha-joon plays police officer and detective Hwang Jun-ho. Photo: Netflix

Veteran actor Lee Byun-hun will also return to season two as the front man, the one man overseeing the entire gameplay.


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