Hallyu Spotlight: 4 things to know about K-drama Cheongdam International High School

Did you know? Both leads of Cheongdam International High School are actually of the same age, and they even have mutual friends.

Pang Jing Wen

| June 21, 2023
Cheongdam International High School
Stills from Cheongdam International High School. Photos: tvN Asia

A few K-dramas revolving around high school students have dropped recently. Take for instance Duty After School (2023), which was released earlier this year, where students are conscripted into the military following a mysterious attack.

But there seems to be more coming.

If you’re also a fan of thriller series, K-drama Cheongdam International High School deserves a top spot on your watchlist.

It is fronted by two lead actresses, Kim Ye-rim (or Red Velvet’s Yeri) and Lee Eun-saem who starred in the popular Netflix series All Of Us Are Dead (2022).

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Here are four things to know about the ten-part series.

1. A gripping murder mystery

Cheongdam International High School revolves around a compelling murder mystery.

Follow the journey of Kim Hye-in, portrayed by the talented Lee Eun Saem, as she unexpectedly becomes a witness to a life-altering crime. This twist of fate leads her to the prestigious Cheongdam International High School, in exchange for silence on the tragedy she witnessed.

Cheongdam International High School
Lee Eun-saem plays Kim Hye-In in Cheongdam International High School. Photo: tvN Asia

This sets the stage for an exhilarating story.

2. Yeri’s highly-anticipated drama return

This series marks Yeri’s highly anticipated return to acting. She previously took a year-long break from acting.

Her last drama appearance was in Naver TV’s web drama series, Blue Birthday (2021).

3. Red Velvet’s Yeri embraces the role of the antagonist

She is widely known for her lively persona as the youngest member of Red Velvet.

But in the series, she’s a big bully. And one who cusses quite a fair bit too.

Cheongdam International High School
Yeri plays Baek Je-na in Cheongdam International High School. Photo: tvN Asia

“I was attracted to this character because it has a different charm that I have never shown to the public before,” said singer-actor Yeri, per ABS-CBN Entertainment.

She later revealed that this gave her “the desire to do better” and hence the project was “a big challenge” for her.

4. Fictional foes, friends in real life

Both lead actresses, Lee Eun-saem and Kim Ye-rim, are of the same age. And they even have a circle of mutual friends off-screen.

While some scenes were rather aggressive and intense, their off-screen friendship helped make the scenes a whole lot more convincing. “I got a lot of positive energy when shooting,” Yeri shared.

Despite only interacting for a pretty short amount of time, Yeri also revealed that she “got to get close to each other”, referring to her fellow lead actress Lee Eun-saem.

Cheongdam International High School airs every Wednesday, 8PM on tvN Asia (Singtel TV CH 518, StarHub TV CH 824). The last two episodes will premiere on 28 June.


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