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Show Review: NMIXX’s first showcase in Singapore offers a peek into their limitless potential

One of the fourth-generation K-pop girls groups, NMIXX, offered us a peek into what they can deliver in their first Singapore show.

Dayna Yam, Fion Cher

| June 25, 2023
NMIXX playing for the first time here in Singapore. Photo: JYP Entertainment

It has only been slightly over a year since NMIXX made their debut. But in the span of this duration, they’ve pushed out two single albums and one EP.

Their discography is fairly sufficient to sustain a two-hour show. And so they did. They played at Singapore’s Star Theatre on Friday (23 Jun) for the Singapore leg of their showcase tour.

It’s something that their senior labelmates ITZY did too. The showcase tour gives a peek into what the group can offer before formally embarking on their world tour.

From covering TWICE’s TT (2016) to mandopop hit Miss You 3000 (2020), here are three highlights from NMIXX’s first Singapore show.

1. Vocals and choreography take centre stage

For K-pop shows, it’s pretty common for a fair bit of focus to be put on elaborate show visuals. But for NMIXX, it seems that they prefer fans to mostly focus on their vocals and choreography.

When they performed their tracks, there was seldom live camera feeds on the LED screens. So it forces fans to truly concentrate on what they’re trying to present and deliver.

It is only during the talk breaks during their sets that we see them back on the screens.

Live feeds of their performance are seldom projected on LED screens. Photo: JYP Entertainment

From the opening number Tank (2022), they’ve already shown us how tiring their choreography can be, struggling to even catch their breath to address the audience.

But that’s not all. Their vocals are equally tip-top as they effortlessly hit high notes in Dice (2022) and Young, Dumb, Stupid (2023).

2. Cosy, intimate set-up

NMIXX did not play in a stadium or large arenas for their showcase. Instead, they opted for smaller theatres, which very much worked to their advantage.

The cosy and intimate set-up allowed fans to truly immerse in their music, and experience for themselves what the sextet can offer.

A smaller venue would also mean that the cheers of their fans are more easily reverberated around the theatre. A good proportion of them are fanboys aged 20 to 30.

3. Thoughtful cover performances

While they packed a number of original songs into the setlist, NMIXX also delivered some cover stages. And it’s clear they’ve put some thought into what to perform.

NMIXX performs their first show in Singapore. Photo: JYP Entertainment

They covered all bases with a rendition of TWICE’s TT (2016), a Korean track by their labelmate. And later they performed a track that puts more focus on its choreography – Hey Mama (2015).

Towards the end of the set, they even covered a Mandarin track, like in the Taiwan leg of the tour. It is mandopop band 831’s Miss You 3000 (2020).

They made a deliberate choice to choose this track as it’s one the group listens to when they miss their fans.


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