Drama Review: Disney+’s newest horror series Revenant is sure to send shivers down one’s spine

Revenant is a 12-part series starring Kim Tae-ri with its plot written by writer Kim Eun-hee, who created other K-dramas like Kingdom.

Belinda Poh

| June 29, 2023
A still from Revenant. Photo: Disney+

Revenant, Disney+’s new hit drama, is one thriller that’ll leave you at the edge of your seats.

The 12-part drama stars Kim Taeri of Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022). She plays Gu San-yeong, a public prosecutor preparing for her exams, ready to be a civil servant.

Instead. she gets latched onto by an evil spirit.

A university folklore professor born with the ability to see ghosts, Yeom Hae-Sang (Oh Jung-se), then meets Gu and helps her. Together, they investigate mysterious deaths and try to stop the evil spirit.

What’s different?

Most horror series are usually slow burners. And its first episode mostly serves as an introduction to provide context without much actual scare. But for Revenant, that’s not the case.

Its first episode was possibly the most exciting and horrifying opener of all horror shows yet.

A still from Revenant. Photo: Disney+

The introduction of the series is sufficient to send chills down your spine. It opens with a scene of a man chased by a supernatural being, all out to kill him. The scene is laced with suspense as viewers have that sense of vulnerability, not knowing what to expect.

The use of foreshadowing heightens the terror that viewers might already experience. There are constant talks about doors.

And various other characters had warned Go to be careful about it since her father died after opening the door without sufficient caution.

Perhaps, the truly terrifying part is learning that the supernatural being is not even the scariest thing after all. Viewers subsequently get a deeper insight into Gu’s life, which offers more insight into the evil spirit that has latched onto her.

Though the series mainly touches on horror themes, Revenant also mixes in some comedic elements to help ease the tension. If you’re looking for a new horror show to catch, this might be the one for you.

Revenant is now streaming on Disney+.


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