MAMAMOO’s Hwasa leaves RBW Entertainment, now with PSY’s P Nation

Hwasa even signed the contract in front of a live audience crowd, during PSY's Summer Swag concert held on 30 Jun.

Belinda Poh

| July 1, 2023
MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. Photo: Press

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa has left former label RBW Entertainment on Tuesday (27 Jun).

RBW Entertainment was home to the MAMAMOO member for nine years. But the 27-year-old singer’s contract with the label recently expired.

And she announced that she will not be renewing with the agency.

“After careful discussion with Hwasa, we mutually decided to wrap up our beautiful journey together,” RBW Entertainment said in a statement.

“We will continue to provide our full support so that MAMAMOO-like activities can continue individually,” it added.

MAMAMOO. Photo: Press

This makes Hwasa the second MAMAMOO member to exit RBW Entertainment. Back in 2021, Wheein left the agency for The L1ve, a record label led by Ravi.

South Korean news outlets also noted that Hwasa, at that point in time, was in the final stages of discussions to sign with PSY’s P Nation.

P Nation is an entertainment agency PSY founded in 2018, which currently houses artists like himself, Crush and Heize.

The news is confirmed yesterday (30 Jun) as Hwasa inked the deal. And she signed the contract live in front of a crowd of fans.

She was invited as a guest performer for PSY’s Summer Swag concert. Yesterday’s show was the first of a series of live concerts that PSY has in store for his fans.

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The duo also worked together previously for one of the tracks from PSY’s eighth studio album: Psy 9th (2022).

Titled Now (2022), the track was a groovy and uptempo retro hit.

Hwasa’s known for her raspy rap verses as a MAMAMOO member. And she also has a bold and confident persona, one that has no place for naysayers.


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