Eric Nam turns into a real estate agent for new single and tour House on a Hill

Eric Nam is now a flourishing realtor as part of his novel promotional strategy for his upcoming tour House on a Hill.

Ashley Cheah

| July 7, 2023
Eric Nam
Eric Nam. Photo: Press

Singer-songwriter Eric Nam has ventured into a new field.

In a series of Instagram posts, Nam shared several posters of him going into the real estate industry. He even left a contact namber, pun intended, for the public to contact him.

Whether the hotline is real, or not, is a different story though.

His novel promotional strategy comes after the announcement of his new tour, titled House on a Hill. The North-American leg of his tour will kick off on 16 Sep. It runs till November this year.

He shared his latest single while promoting the upcoming tour on his personal Instagram handle through a series of creative and engaging posts. “Everything I touched turns to sold,” reads the caption in one of his Instagram posts.

It also includes his website link, contact and QR code at the bottom of the visual, a clever touch that added realism.

He took things a step further to promote his new venture through another meme post. “They see me closin’, they hatin’”, the post wrote.

Such wit and creativity in his promotions are likely the secrets to his success. Perhaps, this is also Eric’s ingenious yet subtle way of referencing his own success as a singer-songwriter and as an artist.

The official website for his tour is made even more convincing. “Nestled in the heart of a harmonious neighbourhood, with views and vibes for days – this one-of-a-kind album is brought to you by the esteemed real estate agent, Eric Nam,”.

Eric Nam
A screenshot of Eric Nam’s website.

The outlook of the website even resembles those real estate websites, providing pictures of the interior of the property.

It also gives a tease of what fans can expect from Nam’s upcoming album. “Each song on this album is a testament to Eric Nam’s artistry and dedication to the craft,” the website wrote.

It described his upcoming release as “not just an album”. Instead, “it’s a home for your heart and soul”.


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