Review: K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty drops whimsical Barbie OST track following meteoric rise

K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty teamed up with American rapper Kaliii for one of Barbie's OST, titled Barbie Dream.

Avier Tan

| July 9, 2023
Fifty Fifty
Fifty Fifty. Photo: The Attrakt

South Korean girl group Fifty Fifty is back following their meteoric rise with Cupid (2023).

The quartet recently teamed up with American rapper Kaliii. It was for one of the Original Soundtracks (OST) from fantasy comedy film Barbie.

Titled Barbie Dream, the whimsical track talks about how one lives the Barbie dream. As any other adolescent would hope for.

An addictive beat drop follows the verses, and it cues in the chorus. Kaliii also adds flavour to the track with her raspy rap verses.

“When I close my eyes, it’s a fantasy/Perfect plastic life from a magazine,” the band sings in fluent English.

It’s not Fifty Fifty’s first English track. They previously dropped an English rendition of Cupid, titled the Cupid (Twin Ver.) (2023) together with its original Korean version. But their performance in Barbie Dream still comes off as very much authentic and original.

Its melody is easy to remember and gets into your head quickly. It’s almost something that you’ll play to warm up the dance floor of a nightclub.

Yet, it retains that pretty, confident vibe that Barbie is all about. And it’s amazing how the rookie girl group can quite flawlessly fit into this concept like a puzzle piece.

However, Barbie Dream will not arrive together with a music video this time. This is because the girls are currently under a “legal battle with its agency Attrakt” and fans suspect that to be the reason for the absence of the music video, per Korean Joongang Daily.

It has also been confirmed that the music video will not be delayed. Instead, it will be cancelled.


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Separately, Barbie will star Australian actress as the iconic Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. It will be available in local theatres from 20 Jul (Thu).


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