Review: NewJeans set the stage for upcoming EP with pre-release tracks NewJeans and Super Shy

NewJeans just dropped two pre-release tracks ahead of their six-track EP, Get Up, which will come officially on 21 Jul.

Belinda Poh

| July 10, 2023
NewJeans. Photo: @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

NewJeans is setting the stage for their upcoming EP titled Get Up. The five-piece girl band recently dropped two pre-release singles on 7 Jul (Fri) before their upcoming album officially arrives.

They treat fans to two tunes: one eponymous track NewJeans, and the other is titled Super Shy.

Previously, the band teased a video on their social media platforms to promote the release of their new EP, Get Up. And members appeared as variations of the Powerpuff Girls in a short teaser.

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We also see them continuing this Powerpuff Girls concept in their recent release, NewJeans.


Titled after themselves, the music video opens with an interview with the girls. Produced in association with Warner Bros., NewJeans dished on the superpowers they would like to have in the short dialogue.

Later in the music video, they transform into their animated Powerpuff Girls, with each character in their requested superpower.

The quiet but beat-heavy tune counterbalances the captivating and well-animated scenes. And NewJeans is one of the tunes with an inclination towards a more trendy and Americanised direction.

While the tune is not as addictive and catchy as their previous releases, members’ light, almost hypnotic, vocals still make a great listen. And perhaps it’s not meant to be that addictive anyways, considering it’s only a pre-release track.

Super Shy

Super Shy on the other hand, is one track that showcases NewJeans’ youthfulness and cheerfulness.

The music video is vibrant and features NewJeans leading a flash mob in their new choreography. While it’s generally complex, the key choreography in the chorus are easy and straightforward to follow. So perhaps, we can expect it to gain traction on short-form media platforms.

NewJeans also partnered with YouTube Shorts, the short-form section of YouTube, to exclusively premiere the video of Super Shy.

Its choreography will undoubtedly become the next Hype Boy as viewers cannot help but want to master the dance.

The song’s catchy lyrics and ambient yet rhythmic melody make it infectious and bubbly. Even if this is your first time hearing the song, it’s not difficult to sing along. 


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