Review: Sandara Park introduces her euphoric theme park in latest festival-like release

Sandara Park recently dropped her eponymous album, fronted by title number Festival on Wednesday (12 Jul).

Esther Low

| July 13, 2023
Sandara Park
Sandara Park. Photo: @krungy21/Twitter

Step aside Universal Studios Singapore, Disneyland and Everland. There’s a new player in town.

One-quarter of the legendary second-generation girl group 2NE1, Sandara Park, just made her solo comeback with a self-titled EP, Sandara Park (2023). The album dropped on Wednesday (12 Jul).

Park is the oldest member of the now-defunct group.

Affectionately known as Dara, Park had previously released solo material in the Philippines before her debut with 2NE1. But she has never put out a Korean album.

Her newest drop marks her first Korean album release. And heading it is title number Festival (2023) — a fun and frothy track that is perfect for summer.

The music video concept of Festival is both cheery and cotton-candy-like.

I’m a sucker for aesthetics and this music video is right up my alley: it’s vibrant, colourful and sweet as a lollipop.

Park’s mellifluous, soft and unique vocals are the added icing on this sinfully decadent yet satisfying cake. A kaleidoscope of vivid colours, buoyant beats and catchy lyrics, Festival is quite the energy booster.

Somehow, it lifts your spirit and unconsciously leaves you humming to the tune of the song.

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Perhaps it’s the familiarity of it too. Festival samples a part of Uhm Jung-hwa’s track of the same title, which the veteran dropped in 1999.

Her self-titled album is a musical funfair for everyone from all walks of life.

It contains a total of five tracks: Play!, Dara Dara (Prod. GRAY), T Map (Prod. Heize), Happy Ending (Prod. SWJA) and the title number, Festival. 

It’s been a long time coming, but at least Park’s long-awaited album has finally arrived.


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