Is Jennie Kim leaving K-pop girl band Blackpink? It’s still a mystery for now.

Blackpink now reaches a crossroad as their contracts are due for renewal, and member Jennie Kim is no exception.

Shifali Jain

| July 14, 2023
Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim. Photo: Press

The Blackpink singer, Jennie Kim has been under the spotlight for a hot minute with her recent debut with The Weeknd on the HBO show, The Idol and even collaborating with him and Lily-Rose Depp on the song, One of the Girls (2023).

The rumours surrounding the possible departure of Jennie have left fans feeling confused and devastated. Are the rumours true? Well, keep scrolling to read more about it.


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The K-pop girl group Blackpink, which was formed by YG Entertainment, has quickly risen to fame and has managed to gain the love and adoration of millions all over the world.

Band members like Jisoo and Jennie have gained individual success over the years due to global collaborations, acting deals and more. Jennie Kim, better known as Jennie, is the singer and rapper for the band and has lately been under the spotlight over the rumours of her probable departure.

It started off on a Chinese social media platform, Weibo, with one user commenting, “Based on the latest reliable source, Jennie will terminate her contract with YG Entertainment after the cncore concerts.”

Another user stated, “Blackpink Jennie will not be renewing her exclusive contract with YG Entertainment. The company is still in discussions with Lisa, but Lisa has intentions to leave. Rosé is confirmed to sign on with Black Label. Jisoo will continue with YG Entertainment or sign with Black Label.”

Jennie has been making headlines recently due to her recent debut on the HBO show The Idol, and her collaboration with the luxury brand Calvin Klein.

There has been speculation about the star also joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe series Team Agents of Atlas which follows the journey of an Asian superhero.

The singer also released a single called Solo (2019) in 2019, which topped the worldwide iTunes songs chart, making her the first female K-pop soloist to achieve this feat.

But, whether or not this star is confirmed to leave the group remains a mystery. For now, fans are enjoying the creations that she has put out and are hoping that the band will renew their contract together for a few more years.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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