K-pop industry aiming to go green, and TREASURE’s new album taps into sustainable packaging

The K-pop industry is seeking to go green, and several groups like TREASURE have tapped into sustainable packaging.

Dayna Yam

| July 17, 2023
TREASURE. Photo: YG Entertainment

Comeback season will suggest that there’s a high volume of albums being manufactured and produced. This could mean a large amount of plastic being used too.

And this could invariably cause harm to the environment if done unsustainably. But not for K-pop boy band TREASURE.

TREASURE’s newest album Reboot is set to be produced with sustainability as its main focus, according to YG Entertainment.

It will be available in two versions: the Digipack version and the KiT version.

The Reboot Digipack edition is available in multiple options. But will all contain a booklet consisting of 20 pages that are specifically dedicated to individual members. 

Additionally, it includes foldable posters, selfie photo cards, exclusive selfie photo cards, and QR lyrics cards.

On the other hand, the KiT album offers a unique way of tuning in to their songs. Fans can enjoy it directly on a smart device, like a smartphone for instance, without an additional playback device. 

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Both the Digipack version and the KiT album highlight YG Entertainment’s dedication to sustainability. Both versions incorporate environmentally friendly practices and materials. 

The paper used in both versions is certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and is low-carbon and eco-friendly.

They have also used soybean oil ink for printing, and the coating applied is also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the packaging vinyl is made from corn starch (PLA) — a biodegradable material.

TREASURE’s newest album Reboot is a testament to YG Entertainment’s efforts towards being more environmentally friendly.

Fans can look forward to the group’s second album on 28 Jul. It will feature new songs, like title number Bona Bona and other B-sides like I Want Your Love and Run.


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