Lee Seung-gi, Kyuhyun, Joshua, Hoshi and more explore Dubai in new K-variety series ‘Bro & Marble in Dubai’

The game in Bro & Marble is inspired by South Korean game Blue Marble, similar to Monopoly. And the cast of the show will play it in Dubai.

Ashley Cheah

| July 20, 2023
Bro & Marble
The cast of Bro & Marble in a poster. Photo: tvN Asia

A new K-variety series Bro & Marble in Dubai, is set to grace your screens.

The eight-part variety programme stars Lee Seung-gi, Kyuhyun of Super Junior, Seventeen’s Hoshi and Joshua, as well as actor Yoo Yeon-seok.

These members, or bros, as they prefer to term it, will go around Dubai. Their aim is to play a real-life version of South Korean game Blue Marble.

The original board game is somewhat like Monopoly. It allows all players to navigate through a beautifully illustrated game board that depicts various Korean regions.

This includes famous landmarks, historical sites, and natural wonders.

But for the variety show, they will attempt the game with a twist. The show cast will travel around Dubai, engaging in a fierce battle of brains to “buy” landmarks and manage those owned by them.

The live adaptation of the well-loved game Monopoly will also see cast members playing against mesmerising backdrops such as a barren desert, as well as Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

In the series, actor-singer Lee Seung-gi plays the role of a banker, per Korea Joongang Daily.

According to Lee Hong-hee, the main producer for the show, the programme “is an unpredictable game involving real money”. This explains why the programme has a huge budget.

Show makers unable to disclose the exact budget. But they assured that viewers will ask themselves what the budget truly is after the first episode.

Bro & Marble will premiere on tvN Asia on 21 July (Fri), 10:30 PM, as part of the tvN Asia Same Day Express slew of programmes. Two episodes of Bro & Marble will be available each week on tvN Asia.


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