Review: NewJeans embarks on the biggest K-pop crossover yet with Tony Leung in new MVs

NewJeans dropped a two-part music videos for their tracks Cool With You and Get Up, starring Jung Ho-yeon and Tony Leung.

Avier Tan

| July 20, 2023
NewJeans. Photo: ADOR

NewJeans just dropped Super Shy (2023) and NewJeans (2023) earlier this month. And they are back with new music videos before the official release of their 2nd EP, Get Up.

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The five-member girl group dropped two music videos, titled side A and B. They were videos accompanying their latest releases Cool With You and Get Up.

The side A music video

Both music videos have an interconnecting theme and they star Jung Ho-yeon of Squid Game. Needless to say, Jung puts on an impressive performance, playing the role of what is thought to be a cupid.

She’s somewhat of a matchmaker, except she’s invisible to those around her. Later in the video, we find member Danielle introducing the Cupid and Psyche painting by François-Édouard Picot.

The painting tells the story of Cupid leaving Psyche’s side before she wakes up every morning. And Jung later discovers her love interest, who’s likely the painter in the fictional storyline.

Meanwhile, NewJeans, dressed in white, play an angelic choir group, watching how the duo’s love story pans out.

The side B music video

The second part of the two-part music video offers a continuation of the otherwise cliffhanger ending.

Starting with a short dance by the NewJeans members themselves, we see the lovebirds going out on dates.

But a mystery appearance by Hong Kong actor-singer Tony Leung twists the story.

The 61-year-old actor seems to play Aphrodite in the video. After Jung encountered him, she appeared terrified as she was initially supposed to poison the souls so that they no longer desired Psyche.

Even so, she fell for the painter in a somewhat forbidden relationship.

At the end of the video, we see Jung walking through a dark walkway. It’s a far-fetched link, but it could well be a reference to the romance film In the Mood for Love (2000), which Leung stars in.


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