It’s out: Watch the latest NewJeans music video for ETA, shot entirely on an iPhone 14 Pro

K-pop sensation NewJeans takes the world by storm together with tech giant Apple for their latest music video, ETA.

Sidney Yuen

| July 22, 2023
NewJeans ETA
Photo: Apple

Lights, camera, iPhone! K-pop sensation NewJeans takes the world by storm together with tech giant Apple for their latest music video, ETA.

The Y2K princesses of K-pop make a case for the extraordinary capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera, capturing the electrifying dance moves, fashion-forward style, and riveting storyline.

The ETA music video opens with a pulsating beat that sets the stage for NewJeans’ enthralling performance. Within seconds, we’re immersed in a gripping tale of friendship, betrayal, and empowerment.

Armed with iPhones, the members of NewJeans stealthily record incriminating evidence of infidelity as the struggles of a modern-day love story unfold. Watch the full video below:

That’s not all for the Bunnies out there! Apple accompanies the music video with a behind-the-scenes cut, offering fans a sneak peek into the mesmerising world of NewJeans as the girls have fun on set.

The director himself, Woo-Seok Shin, is seen in action, artfully capturing every moment with the iPhone 14 Pro.

Besides following the girls’ hunt for justice in the music video, at the core of K-pop lies the power of dance, as fans worldwide celebrate the vibrancy and soul-stirring moves of their favourite bands.

From dance covers amassing millions of views to TikTok dance challenges, there’s no denying that enthusiasts have fully embraced the magic of movement. Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign pays homage to this Hallyu tradition, showcasing the magic of iPhone 14 Pro’s Action mode for filming K-pop choreography.

NewJeans ETA
Photo: Apple

Director Woo-Seok Shin reflects on the thrilling experience of filming ETA entirely on the iPhone 14 Pro, stating, “For this project, we had to get every shot using iPhone 14 Pro.

That’s why we started the creative process by exploring unique approaches that are only achievable with the iPhone. That was an interesting experience.”

The groundbreaking nature of this music video shot entirely on the iPhone, has undeniably added a unique touch to NewJeans’ illustrious career.

“We wanted to encapsulate the vibrant energy of the Gen Z represented by iPhone as an essential part of daily life, incorporating iPhone into the choreography itself,” Executive Producer Kim Hee-jin adds.

While we’re in the midst of putting ETA (2023) on repeat, NewJeans’ second mini album Get Up (2023) is now available for streaming worldwide.


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