Mamamoo+ set to release their first mini album Two Rabbits next month

MAMAMOO+, comprising MAMAMOO members Solar and Moonbyul, will be dropping their first mini album Two Rabbits on 3 Aug (Thu).

Esther Low

| July 28, 2023
Mamamoo+ comprises Mamamoo members Solar and Moonbyul. Photo: RBW Entertainment

Hop into August with Mamamoo+, the first sub-unit of K-pop girl band Mamamoo.

The sub-unit comprises members rapper Moonbyul and vocalist Solar. And they will be dropping their first EP Two Rabbits on 3 Aug (Thu).

The subunit duo made their debut last August with their digital single Better (2022). This comes after promoting as a vocal quartet group in the industry for nine years.

Mamamoo. Photo: Press

And the duo recently unveiled all the songs in their mini album, Two Rabbits.

The mini album consists of five songs in total. And it is fronted by title number Dang Dang. The duo participated in its composition and penning of lyrics alongside bandmate Hwasa.

The album’s bold and vibrant colours, along with its adorable bunny concept highlights the pair’s energetic yet charismatic personalities.

For the album, they tapped on the rabbit theme as the duo aims to be as clever as a rabbit, overcoming adversities to challenge their musical horizon. 

The all-white ensemble concept photos for their title track Dang Dang contrasts their strong make-up and gives off a bold, charming and confident vibe: very much Mamamoo’s style.

Mamamoo debuted as a four-piece vocal girl group that has many popular hits under their belt, like Hip (2019), Egoistic (2018) and Um Oh Ah Yeh (2015).

The multi-talented quartet has proven themselves as skilled vocalists and powerful performers who challenge industry stereotypes and strict beauty standards. Members often encourage women’s empowerment and self-confidence through their music and are unafraid to be unapologetically themselves.

As for Mamamoo+, the duo kept to the album’s theme, adding a dose of playful fun to their cool look with rabbits printed on white bandanas. A refreshing change from their usual strong, unique image.


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